Thank You Message to Boss for Pending Salary

Dear boss, thank you so much for looking at my application for a pending salary. I received your email yesterday that you’ll transfer it to my account and I got it right after; today. It has come at the right time as I needed to get a few pieces of equipment from the store for my house.

Respected boss, thanks so much for considering my pending salary request I made to you last week. I received my salary today. I’m grateful to have a boss like you who is considerate, thoughtful, and caring about his employees. Couldn’t have asked for any other person to be my boss.

Dear boss, my salary was pending for the past 2 months causing so much hindrance in my daily house chores. Although my house is a two-income home, it was unbearable to not receive my salary this month as well. I know the company is going through a tough time but it was just really hard for us too. So, thank you for sending me the pending salary today. I will finally pay the postponed bills and get the extra groceries needed.

Dear Mr. Owens, I had started to lose confidence and interest in this job as my salary was pending for one month. So, I sent an email to HR, and thankfully, you received it soon and sent me the pending salary. I could not be happier today. Thanks so much but kindly make sure your employees don’t get left behind in getting their monthly incomes as this is our only source of bread and butter.

Dear Miss Mikayla, you are a wonderful teacher, leader, mentor, and boss. Your leadership skills are inspiring but more importantly, your heart of gold is what’s more motivating for us to do work even when our salaries are pending. So, we did our best the past few months but some percentages of our salaries were pending for a long time. But thank you so much for sending me our due money.

Respected Miss Rhonda, your company is flourishing every day. I’m glad you appreciate your employees by rewarding them every year. But this year besides the bonuses, my salary was pending until March 2021. I emailed twice but got no response from HR. But upon contacting you personally, I finally did get my pending salary this month. So, thank you for being kind enough.

Dear Ms. Olivia Burdette, thanks so much for finally sending me my pending salary. I couldn’t pay my bills for the past two months. It has become quite difficult to reach you as well. But thanks to your kindhearted employee and your own thinking mind to let me have access to contact you personally. So, thank you once again for being considerate enough.

Respected sir, as you know my 10% salary for 5 months was pending, I finally received it today. Thanks to you and your assistant for realizing the deduction was not at all necessary as the leaves were only the annual ones I took. So, thank you for being kind.

Thank you message to boss for pending salary

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