Golf Tournament Announcement Messages


Hello Mr. Ted, we are gratified to announce the upcoming golf tournament event on 22nd Feb. the tournament is going to take place in Swatter’s Garden, and you are warmly welcome to take participate in the tournament. The starting time for the game is 10 am. You can grace the event with your presence even if you are not intended to play golf. Looking forward to meeting you in person on the above-mentioned date!


Let us join us in our home for a golf match and I am writing you this message to invite you for gossiping while having a golf match. It would be a great pleasure for us if you will participate on 13th Feb in the tournament.


Hello Raphael, hope you have been doing great. I am immensely excited to announce to you about the golf tournament that is happening on 12th March in the square’s garden. Kindly join us in this game of fun and patience and I am cordially inviting you to have a match with us.


I wholeheartedly invite you to the gold tournament and want you to be a valuable part of the game. We are organizing it on the behalf of our whole society, and we want you to join us as well.


Mark the date Alexander as your favorite tournament is around the corner. Yes, I am talking about golf tournaments, and I know well how much you are fond of it. I want you to attend the tournament and have participated. The tournament will be held on 20th Feb near Polo ground. So come on and be a mesmerizing part of this match. We surely shall have a nice match as we are going to be together after ages.


Hello David, come and punch in at the golf tournament we are calling for you too. Let us recall our memories of ABC School and have a fantastic match together and build forthrightness. I do not want you to miss this event, which is so charming, quiet, and calm.


As you know that I have opened a new outlet of my ABC Store in New Jersey and for this purpose, I have arranged a golf tournament. I want to celebrate my success with you by my side and no other option could be better than a golf tournament. I hope you will enjoy the game and will participate too.


Hello Matilda, I hope everything is going well around the corner. I am inviting you along with your family to a golf tournament that is going to be held on 25th January arranged by ABC’s club. Your valuable presence will for sure provide the competition we will need. Let us enjoy this mesmerizing morning with a wonderful golf game. Do not miss the event and I am waiting to get a positive reply from you.


I hope you are enjoying your retirement by indulging yourself in good activities and reading some good novels. I know you have been fond of Thomas Hardy, and I will give a good read to one of his novels too. This message solely aims to invite you to the golf tournament event happening on 22nd March. Let us contribute and join hands for the favor of those who are in need of it. You are invited along with your family and friends to be a part of the tournament we are organizing. 15th April is going to be a splendid day as ABC Club is organizing a golf tournament for all of us. I cordially invite you to this tournament and want you to give us the distinguished gift of your presence. Looking forward to meeting you in person on the said date!


Hello Adolf, I am greatly glad to set forth a looming event of the golf tournament that is going to happen on 3rd January. The tournament will occur in the backyard of the sweet palace and you are cordially embraced to have participated in the tournament. The game will start at 9 am. In case you are not interested to play, you can just join the event. It will be a great pleasure to meet you after a long time on such an auspicious event. Thank you.


Hope you have been doing well. I am Ralph and live next to your apartment. This message aims to ask for your presence at the golf tournament event where we all will be like family. ABC foundation is organizing this event for the wellbeing of disabled children and we all should participate in it. As all the main officials are joining us on this day so I invite you and your family to grace the event with their presence. After so many years such kind of event has been arranged so we all going to have great fun. I have come to know through Miss Linda that you have won many golf tournaments in your college days so we will love to see you playing golf games in the tournament.

Golf tournament announcement message

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