Half-day off this Afternoon Messages


Dear Mr. Rowdy, I am writing this message to bring to your notice that today I will be available only in the afternoon. On my way to the office, I met an accident and to take down my assertion I have been asked to visit a police station near to accident place. They have made this thing certain that it will not consume much time and till after afternoon I can join office. Having mentioned aforesaid circumstances, I request you to consider this message as half-day off.


This message tends to let you know that I have missed the train on which I come regularly and for this reason, I will be a little late to the office. I will try to reach the office as soon as I can by getting the next train. I am extremely sorry for creating inconvenience. It seems as if the train schedule has been changed because of ongoing renovation work on railway tracks. Please be in touch with me for queries and any doubts related to the ongoing project.


This message aims to notify you that I need half-day leave today as I have to visit ABC Bank. My ATM card has stopped working properly and to sort out the problem I need to visit the bank as soon as possible. After the lunch break, I will leave and I make sure that I will try to accomplish maximum work before that. In case of emergency and queries, I can be contacted on my phone. I am sure that in my absence my teammates will handle the things.


This is to inform you that today I have an appointment with my consultant, and it will be impossible for me to come to the office on time. The scheduled appointment is at 11 am and I can reach the office at 1 pm. I am sure that Mr. Helen will handle the things during my absence. In case of queries related to the current project you can contact me on my phone or via email. I will be thankful to you for allowing me half-day of leave today.


Hello Sir, I am writing this message to apprise you that my daughter has seriously been fallen ill and I need half-day leave for this purpose. I got a call from her school and they requested me to take my daughter to the hospital as soon as possible. It will be impossible for me to be in the office on time as I have to take her to the doctor. I have emailed the work plan to Miss Alex to avoid any disruption during my absence. For any clarifications, I will be available on the phone.


I am William Austen and working as a managing assistant in your company. This message aims to inform you about my half-day leave from the workplace today. There is an annual function in my son’s school, and he has to give a speech. The presence of parents has been made necessary in it so I must have to attend it. As the function ends, I will be back in the office. It would be great favor on your behalf if you consider my situation and allow me half day leave. Thanks for your consideration.


This message states to ask your permission for a half-day off from the workplace today due to some personal reasons. I have been a regular employee in your organization, and I have never come across such a situation before. I have to receive my mother at the airport as she is coming far from Manchester to see me. Moreover, there is no one at my home who can pick her up from the airport, so all responsibility falls on me. I would be highly obliged to you if you allow me to leave after the lunch break. I assure you that I will not leave any work undone and will accomplish the assigned tasks on time and my absence will not create any disruption.


I am writing this message to inform you that my mother has been admitted to hospital since last night. She has been there because of emergency treatment. Doctors have prescribed her six tests for diagnosing the problem and there is no other male member in my house who can be with her at this time. Therefore, I require half-day leave today till 12 pm. I will return to the office after accomplishing all the tasks. Thanks for considering my request.


I am John Marlow and have been working as marketing manager for the past ten years. This message is to request you that I need half-day leave today from my work. The reason for this is that I have to renew my driving license and have to reach the office before 2 pm. Therefore, allow me half day leave and I will leave right after the lunch break. I request you to approve my request so may I plan other things accordingly. The meeting with HR that was going to be held today has been postponed and I have finished all the assigned tasks of today. In case of urgency, my teammates can handle things easily.

Half-day off this Afternoon Messages

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