Miss You & Love You Messages to Away Wife

You know I don’t become sad even when I miss you badly while you are away. The reason behind this is the purest feeling that your love is bordered around me solely. This very sensation makes me feel so happy & proud when I should be sad though. Thank you, my dear wife, for giving me this level of trust & love. Let me tell you that I miss you all the time you are not around.

My dear better half, you are like a sun in my gloomy day that brightens my life with its dazzling rays. You are like a star in my starless sky which keeps me optimistic through my bad days. You are like my heartbeat which is keeping me alive all the time. Whenever you are away, I feel like moving towards the state of dejectedness. At that specific time, I crave to fly to you right then and have a glimpse of you to keep going.

My life has become colorless; days have turned out to be inert and monotonous. The space between us is butchering me sluggishly. With every passing day, I am panting in breathless anticipation. Protect me from this agonizing depression, give me pleasure by coming back soon. You are my life & it has become burdensome for me to continue living without you. I wish to spend every single moment with you dear.

I wonder how we can have so many sleepless nights talking & making fun out there. We ever enjoy the company of each other. I love the hours sitting beside you, wanting them never to have an end and be frozen right there. I miss you a lot, my beloved wife. I don’t want to depart from you even for a second although there are some aims that we are supposed to accomplish & for that purpose, parting periodically needs to be done.

Missing you don’t have anything to do with how long it’s been since I have seen you, or it doesn’t even involve the sum of time that I have spoken to you. It’s about that very second when I am up to something, and missing you like crazy and coveting you were right here with me.

Words are not enough to start telling you the way I feel for you. You are the only thing in my dark world that is the real shine and my sole motivation to live a better life. My all struggle is for you my dear. You behold the key to my heart. I have had ups & downs in my life & you were ever there to get me out. I promise you that my good time will be specified for you. Whenever you are away, I still get a blank mood, yawning inside my heart.

It is problematic to have you away from me, yet it is not difficult for me to shape a concrete association & be able to face all the misfortunes together yet being distant. It is not easy for me to form a love bond from far away, but I want to let you know, no matter for how long we are away, I will keep on loving you the way I do. I miss your charming presence all the time dear. Please do come back as soon as possible. Waiting for you in anticipation.

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