Miss You & Love You Messages to Away Mom

My dear mom, the eternal love you have for me is unconditional & unconfined. I miss you more than ever as we never parted for this much a long time. I plead you to be back soon so that I can shower upon you the purity of love I am having right now. I can’t simply tell you how much I value you. My life is utterly incomplete without your benign presence.

I wish you know that you are the center of my life mom. Although being a mother is enough to be respected and admired, yet you are not just a mother to me, but a woman whom I ever idealize for being the manifestation of purity, strength & love. I am blessed to have a gem like you who have made my life worth shining. I understand that you have other responsibilities & duties to perform, but please do visit me as soon as possible to make me regain my best time. I miss you a lot of mom.

I wish you amusement and fortune dear mother! You equipped me so well for life, training me and nurturing me in a way that facilitated to guarantee my victory in every field of life. You trained me to value the hard work and taught me how to lead the life in the best possible way by categorizing my responsibilities. I want you to take a pause now and have fun and enjoy peace, serenity, and calmness. Though I am missing you, yet I am feeling contented too, for you must be having quality time with your colleagues & retired fellows.

You’ve always sacrificed your dreams for mine. Now it is my turn to make all your dreams come true. Keeping on the side your own ambitions, you’ve done everything you could do to give me the impulse towards success. You took me in your arms when I needed serenity badly, you always taught me to be optimistic throughout my life to give a real tough time to the tough time itself. Have fun on your trip mom! I am missing you a lot & want to love you like crazy when you come back home.

On the day of my success, you are not with me but I want to dedicate this success to you since you were the only source of inspiration who always kept me going. I, indeed believe that I would never have been the same person as I am today without your endless support, assistance, & love. I wish you were here to witness this golden & memorable moments of my life which are the result of your hard work & dedication to the goal you set since I was born. I cannot thank you enough for your unconditional love & care for me. I love you, Mom!

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