Miss You & Love You Messages to Away Husband

The long distance cannot make any difference to my love for you, my love is enhancing for you with every passing moment. Whenever you are away from me I miss you more than anything else as it reminds me of the great time I have with you. Your presence gives me the strongest feeling in the world. You are a mind-blowing husband; the most reliable person I have ever seen or met. Your only purpose when you are around me is to make me keep smiling all the time. I am obliged to you for loving me the way I could only imagine.

I always craved for a person who could listen to me throughout the long nights without getting annoyed. I know I am talkative & people always jeered at me for this very reason, but you made me feel proud of this boring habit too. The way you love me is unbelievable, I just cannot thank my fate enough for bestowing upon me this great blessing in your form. You mean life to me, dear. I pledge to always stay faithful to you ever & forever.

No matter how many miles we are away from each other, the strong feelings I do have for you in my heart are irreversible. Undoubtedly, it doesn’t feel good to be away from you yet the very feeling that you will soon be with me makes me feel accomplished. I spend my whole time waiting for you by planning to make a different kind of arrangements on your arrival. I have even planned how to spend every single second with you when we will be together in near future. Hope to see you soon.

I wish to let you know how much I miss you every time you are away from me, but I am quite hopeful that these distances won’t last long & our relation will only prosper in the times to come. I love you more than I have ever imagined I would love someone this much strongly & selflessly. I pray to the Lord to keep us together in the best bond throughout life.  It feels like something inside me is fading away when we are not together. I wish I were a Magician & knew some magic tricks to reach to you in no time. I wish I had a stopwatch to make the time get frozen when we are in each other’s sweet company. I miss you, my dear hubby.

It has never been a difficult thing for me to miss you even in your presence, but it has also never been easy to come over these feelings. These words don’t describe one percent of the intensity of the feelings I have for you.  My love for you is infinite, right now we both are far away but these miles are for some reasons; you are advancing towards your goals & making me to progress towards mine. I know this time will somehow pass & will be together forever with even greater achievements & success. I still miss you a lot.

My dear husband, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I miss you like crazy. Although I know that you are not supposed to be back yet, I keep on waiting for you anyhow. I cannot help in being the same since it is not in my control. I just wish you a very happy & successful official trip & pray to the Almighty to make it the last time that we parted from each other for this much a long span.

I never even imagined that not having you around me for a short period would make me this much difference. You are away only for a few days, but it has nearly become impossible for me to sustain my moments without you. Please, dear, keep it in mind that you are the only valuable I have in my life. Your love keeps me fresh through bad times. You never let me astray from the right path & hold my hand tightly when I am not sure which path to choose & which to leave. Thank you so much for being my best friend, & well-wisher. I wish to spend a lifespan with you to see the beauty of life at its peak. Please be back soon dear.

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