Thankyou Messages after Resignation to Colleagues


This message aims to be written regarding the confirmation of my resignation as assistant director of ABC organization. I have been given the position of senior editor in a well-reputed company in Manchester. I’m looking forward to meeting new challenges in the position that is awaiting me. My last day as a working employee in this organization will be on 8th March. This time will be enough to accomplish ongoing projects and relinquish my current job position. I can be reached at my phone number or through email. It was very rewarding for me to spend the best time of my life here. I appraise all of you for providing me wonderful opportunity in the organization. Wishing all of you continued success in the future.


I would like to let all of you know that on 23rd January I am resigning from my position of manager executive. It was a great experience working with you. I humbly submit my sincere gratitude to you for helping me in my personal and professional development. I had been given a great ambiance during all these years. I will always acknowledge your assistance as I traversed my first directing position. I have always valued the support and appreciated working in the organization during my tenure here. I really enjoyed working with all of you and wish you the best of luck in your future. It would be a matter of great player for me to train my replacement. You can contact me at my email address to remain in touch.


I would like to take your precious time by virtue of providing me with your full support while I was an employee in this organization. It was a momentous verdict to give resignation and I have feelings of sadness and exhilaration for the future. I was sad that I will not be able to work with you every day. Thanks a lot for always being there to listen to me and considering my opinions. I always felt a valuable employee with your open-door stratagem.

I will always admire the efforts you endowed in me with your personal illustration. I got inspiration from your work ethic and supporting me in my daily tasks. Your witty voice crack and jolly smile was a bonus for me. I am grateful to senior administration that they chose me to get myself trained in various workshops and conferences. These experiences have left an everlasting impact on my mind and have helped me a lot in developing my professional attributes.

I am looking forward to taking my experience to an advanced level. I hope that we will remain in touch in the future, and I am just a call away from you. I will come to meet you off and on and we’ll have a memorable time together.


With a heavy heart, I am writing this message to say goodbye to all of you. I cannot thank all of you enough for your valuable time and lessons. I will miss working with all of you under one roof and I cannot forget the bond I used to share with you. My doors will always remain open to you, and I want to remain in touch with you.


It is with a heavy heart I’m writing this message that I will not be able now to call you my fellow workers. You guys have left an everlasting impact on your memory, friendship, and lessons in my mind. During my time here it was a great pleasure for me to work with you. You always assisted me and encouraged me like a good team and instilled in me many good qualities. We shared many ups and downs together. I feel privileged that I have been a part of this organization. On my last day as an employee in this organization in fact saying goodbye I will say that we will surely meet again.


Work is always regarded as a word with four letters but for me working with you was one of the best times of my life. I want to thank you for always helping me out and providing a professional home. I do not call you my colleagues, but I call you my family members. I cherish every moment that we have spent together. With a heavy heart, I am bidding goodbye to all of you.


This message is being written with the intention to say thanks to all of you for your guidance and support throughout. Working in ABC enterprises with all of you was a wonderful experience in my life. You guys were the only reason for my long stay here as I found a guide and mentor in form of you. I learned from you how to deal with family life along with work. I have been an owner working in this organization for the past five years.

I do not remember any of the days when I thought even for a second that my decision to join here is wrong. I met with many opportunities that proved a great helping hand in my professional growth and made me specialize in my field. I have learned many new things that will add much knowledge to my profile.

I always enjoyed going with you at coffee and gossiping in-office hours. We used to discuss daily politics during breaks with heated arguments. I am leaving this organization with a heavy heart, and I will try my best to keep in touch with you. Thanks to all of you.

Thankyou Messages after Resignation to Colleagues

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