Apology Messages for Low Ratings

Dear Manager, with due respect it is informed you that our company is facing low ratings for about a month. It is all due to some management problems. Our employees aren’t sincere with the organization. The workers are not paying full attention to the enhancement of revenue. I was planning to write this last week but didn’t write due to some personal matters. I am sorry about that. I am telling you all that because conveying information about the company’s progress or loss is my responsibility. I hope that you will take steps necessary for the improvement of our brand from now.

I am sorry to inform you that our customers have been giving low ratings to our company for many days. It is mainly due to the high sale and purchase prices. Our organization is based on a policy that has been rejected by the government regulatory authorities. It is, therefore, necessary for us to make a new policy for our customers. This will help us increase our profit on a daily basis. I apologize for not telling you this at the right time. I was planning to write you earlier but couldn’t do so. I hope that you will negotiate this time. I will try to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

The respectable general manager I am writing this message for an apology since I have not given much attention towards company’s rating. Our company is in a loss. The reason behind it is bad ratings for many days. It is because our website has been closed since last week. Being a developer, I am working with other team members to construct a new dynamic webpage. I assure you that I will develop the website as soon as possible. I know that it should be done within minimum time since increased sales production is associated with the online availability of particular products. I apologize for not completing the project on time. I assure you that we will soon overcome this problem of low visibility.

Dear Employees! I want to tell you that the rating of our organization has been low for many weeks. I made a team of skilled persons to identify the problem. After doing the survey, the facts and figures are telling that there is something wrong with our marketing techniques. The crew is adopting poor sales alignment and non-effective techniques. I am sorry to tell you that I have expelled the team of our crew associated with marketing. It was necessary for the future stand of our company. I hope that you will try to consider this issue. I have planned to give all those workers new jobs in another discipline of the company so that they don’t face any problem in the future.

Respectable manager, I am sorry to inform you that our goods aren’t meeting the required quality standards. Because of this, our customers are giving negative feedback in the form of low rating. It is mainly because of ignoring the competition. In simple words, we aren’t giving the other companies with similar brands a tough competition. It can happen if we focus on improving the quality of our goods. I once again apologize for not telling you earlier. I would recommend you do necessary amendments in the production sector of the organization. By doing this we can improve our product ratings.

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