T-Shirt Order Messages

Hi, I want to place an order of t-shirt. I came to know that you prepare customized tee shirts according to the demand of the customer. I need a yellow color shirt with a message to my son. If you have some special phrases then please let me know otherwise, I want that you print a phrase which I provide you. I need a small size t-shirt. Kindly reply me with price detail as well the time of delivery along with other shipment details. Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

Hello, hope you are doing good. I have opened an outlet near the commercial area. One of my colleagues told me about that you supply wholesale t-shirts. I want to place an order of 10 t-shirts of each size. I saw the material and stuff of shirts in my colleague’s outlet present in another city. I have opened a new outlet and want to keep high-quality stuff at my store. Kindly please confirm about my order as well as discuss the shipping details and price of the shirts. I am waiting for your reply.

Hello. I have to place an order of fifteen shirts for the birthday party of my daughter. I need the same color as well as the design. The size chart or each quantity I will provide you. kindly please share the colors, price details as well as customized shirts if you have. I have seen some in your special catalog, I would like that please share details about them. Kindly reply me soon as I need shirts in the next fifteen days. Confirm me that can you provide them in this limited time or not. Please reply me in a day or two as I have to do other arrangements as well. Thanks, in advance.

Hi, I have seen your online catalog. I want to know is the particular article is still available? I am sharing a picture of that t-shirt with this message. I want to order two t-shirts one of small size and other of medium size. Kindly confirm my order. I am also providing my address details. Waiting for your reply and message me how many days you take to deliver the product. Thanks, and reply me soon.

Hello. I want to order a t-shirt that you have introduced for birthday events. I have seen several designs in it. I want to order the red one with the Spiderman character image on it. I am sharing the size detail with you as well as shipment address. Kindly reply for the confirmation of the order as well as the shipping details. Please reply soon with all the details.

Hi, I want to order the t-shirt from the catalog having buy one get one free offer. I need two shirts of large size. Kindly confirm me that you will provide the free one of your choice or I can choose from the catalog. Reply soon with the shipping details as well.

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