Apology Messages to Guest

I am sorry for the behavior of my younger brother at the celebration of the anniversary. He was rude to you that day. I am responsible for the bad behavior of my brother. He is immature and didn’t know how to truly respect the elders. Moreover, it was our duty to guide him since you were a guest. I again apologize for the disrespect. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am willing to teach manners to my brother so that he will take care next time. I assure you that you will never face such inconvenience next time.

I am sorry for wasting the time of all of you last night. I wasn’t at home since I had to attend the meeting of our company. The meeting was very important to me. When you arrived last night, I wasn’t available. Moreover, I didn’t come after a while due to some other business. I am sorry about that. I apologize to you for becoming a problem. I am planning to visit your house this weekend. From now I will try to be at home whenever you want to come. My family is also willing to meet you soon.

I am sorry cousin for not giving you proper time during the marriage ceremony of my elder brother. All the tasks regarding the management of the event were my responsibility. Due to this reason, I remained busy that day.  I remember that I promised to visit your house soon after the event. I am sorry for not accompanying you afterward. I assure you that I will take care next time. I hope you will try to understand my message and cooperate with me regarding as certain great memories are associated with us.

I am sorry for insulting you last week. I became emotional on certain words said by you. At first, I didn’t realize my fault but soon I came to know that I was wrong. I shouted at you. I accept that I misbehaved. With my actions, you hurt a lot. But being a cousin, I love you through all my heart. I can’t imagine hurting you intentionally. Please forgive me on my mistake. I promise that I will never hurt you from now. I am sorry for that incident.

I received your complaint regarding bad treatment during your stay at our hotel as a guest. I apologize for not providing services according to your needs. I was on a trip that day due to which the responsibility of dealing the guests was given to another member. When I came back I received your feedback email. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have decided to offer you a discounted package including a free night stay at our hotel as an apology. I assure you that you will never have such kind of experience. I always look forward to solving the issues of our valuable guests. Thanks for your cooperation.

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