Apology Accepted Messages for Various Reasons


I was of the view that I am on the right side but now I have realized that I was wrong. I am extremely sorry for being a yank and not wise enough to know what to speak at the right time. I am really penitent, kindly accept my apology.


I will not inculpate you if you do not talk to me after realizing how buffoon I was towards you. But I am pretty sure that you will and I am repentant for the way I behaved. Can we lease be friends again?


I am tremendously disheartened by blemishing you. You are one of the greatest blessings in my life and I am beholden to be part of your life. I cannot believe that I crouched down so low. I will do every possible thing to assure you that I can be a great person. I am remorseful to heart-wrench you. I do not know how to say sorry but I truly apologize wholeheartedly. Please forgive me.


My princess, you have this right to be angry with me over my being an ignoramus. I know that I have discomforted you while your intentions were pure. This act of mine is not letting me sit quietly and I assure you that I will pay heed to my personal growth. Please have mercy on me and forgive me. I cannot bear your anger.


My love, I am sorry for overreacting over a small thing. I regret now for being too loud and using harsh words against you. Saying sorry is not enough for your wounding soul. Please makeup to me again as soon as possible. I will make every possible effort to keep you happy.


I am shaken to the core after knowing how much damage I have done to the most lovable person of my life. Please accept my apology and give me an opportunity to intimate my guilt to you in person. I know that saying sorry is not enough please tell me what I can do to make you happy now.


I was absolute blockheaded towards you yesterday’s evening and I remorse every second of it. Kindly make yourself available to talk to me so may I sorry in physical too.


My love, I will never forgive myself for incapacitating you. I am hoping to evince myself, dignitary, in your eyes. I am deeply remorseful for all the torment and aggravation that occurred because of me. Please forgive me.


Dear Charles, the day I have broken up with you I am not sitting peacefully. My conscience is constantly hitting me with how much wrong I have done to you. I want to fix the matter now and want you to give me a last chance. Kindly consider my heartfelt sorry.


You are one of those persons in my life whom I want to see happy in every single second. But I have really done wrong to you by breaking your trust and heart. I know that you have gone through depression and I am heartedly sorry for hurting you. I pledge that I will repeat those words again. Please forgive me, sweetheart.


I am really remorseful Louisiana for not coming up to your expectations and hurting you with my bad attitude. If you allow me to talk to you, I am sure that we can find a solution for the matter. I will not screw up like this ever in my life.


I beg your pardon for being the reason for your heartache and horrendous pain. You deserve to be treated with tremendous respect and love but I did not come up to your expectations. I will not be the cause of your distress again. Can you make some room for me in your heart to make up with me?


I want to talk to you about so many things, but please let yourself know that I am really shameful of everything. I gave the way to anger and lost my temper. Now I am sorry for my stupidity and want to reconcile again. Can we meet tomorrow so we may have a detailed talk about it?


I am really disheartened for hurting you. I am sorry that I did not believe you. You are better half and I should have trusted you but I made you feel unhappy. Losing you will damage me to the core and I cannot afford it. I can only be happy around you so please forgive me, my sweetheart.

Apology accepted message

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