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With due respect, I am writing this message to let you notify about my bad health. I have not been doing well for the last four days. I had consulted a doctor and I had been diagnosed with a stomachache. Doctors have recommended me some more tests so may they know the actual cause of the problem. In this condition, I will not be able to attend office as I am feeling very lethargic. Doctors have suggested I take proper rest for a week; therefore, I request you to grant me for five days. I would be thankful to you for this favor.


Respected sir, I want to let you know that yesterday I fell from the stairs while leaving to attend the party. It resulted in spraining in my right leg, and it had become difficult for me to walk even a single step. I went through a detailed checkup and doctors have recommended me one week’s complete bed rest. It would be impossible for me to attend office in this condition. I will return to the office soon once I get recovered. For your convenience, I am sending my medical certificate and you will clearly get to know all my health details. I will be thankful to you for cooperating with me.


This message aims to inform you of the reason for leave I want to take from the workplace because of the wedding of my best friend. Bede is my childhood friend and we have studied together, and he is more than a brother to me. His wedding is going to take place by next Friday and I must make all the arrangements from décor to the groom’s photoshoot. I cannot miss this event; therefore, I request you to allow me ten days’ leave so may I enjoy every bit of the event. I will forever remain indebted to you for this favor. Thanking you in anticipation.


From the day I have joined ABC Organization, I have known well the art of coming up to customers’ expectations. We keep you constantly in the chain of productive retaliation mechanisms. To make your answers responded timely and queries clear I am making available my position of assistant manager to Lydia Cooper for bounteous assistance when needed. It would be impossible for me to make it today as I must attend the birthday party of my sister and I have to take care of all the arrangements. Lydia would be here as my support side during my absence. You will find Lydia trustworthy in every respect. She can be of great help to you, and you can ask anything from her about services. She will not let you be dissatisfied at any cost.


This is to bring in your kind notice that I am hell busy in planning regarding the marriage of my sister. Being her elder brother, it is my responsibility to carry out all the preparations. I want to make this event memorable and exuberant for her so it would be possible for me to communicate over emails. To carry out smooth-shaven interaction to avoid any flounder I request you to connect me via email. it will be easy for me to make a presence there and when required I can easily be approached.


To avoid any disruption during my maternity leave, I am referring Elizabeth during my absence. She will remain available at my place and will tackle all the emails and projects. She has been working as a financial executive in the finance department and you can ask about any task from her. She has well awareness of the project I had been part of.

I am passing through the third trimester of my pregnancy, and it is becoming difficult for me to execute office tasks along with maintaining my health. I am much exhilarated about the arrival of my baby and my family is eagerly waiting for this moment. I need the support and kind wishes of my loved ones and I need the same support from your side. Once I deliver my baby and will regain my health, I will join the office. Need your best wishes and thanks a bunch for supporting me during tough times.


I am informing you with a heavy heart that yesterday I met with a serious car accident on my way coming to office. My car banged with a motorbike that was coming from the opposite direction and it resulted in severe injuries and my back fractured badly. I was admitted into hospital by passersby and doctors have advised me to take complete best rest for two weeks.

Having mentioned the above scenario, I am giving Adam’s number to you who can accomplish all the pending tasks. He can arrange all the meeting sessions related to an ongoing project. You can remain in touch with him as he is more than a brother to me. I assure you that he can handle all the tasks well. Once I get well, I will resume my duties soon. Need your prayers during my tough time. I will never forget this act of kindness.


I am writing this message to ask for a week’s leave from you because of my poor health. I had been working continuously for the past three months without any off and it has poured bad effects on my health. I have decided to consult a doctor for my monthly checkup, and I will be on medical leave for three days as I want to relax my mind. I can remain available through emails during this time, and I hope my absence will not cause any disruption. I request you to please consider my leave request. Thanking you in anticipation.


It has been a year now that I was planning a family trip to Niagara Falls, but it could not be possible due to my busy office schedule. There is going to be my wedding anniversary and I want to surprise my wife by taking her on a trip. I need your support in this regard if you allow me to leave for ten days. Hence, after a long time, I will be able to spend quality time with my family. Thanks in advance for cooperating with me. I will return to the office once I come back.

Leave message for family trip

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