Leave Messages for Husband’s Accident

This message aims to inform you that my husband has come across with serious accident while he was on his way to the office. He has met with multiple injuries all over the body. He was admitted to the nearby hospital and doctors are saying that he will be discharged after fifteen days. Being his wife, it is my foremost duty to be with him in this crucial time and it would be difficult for me to attend office as well as to attend him. Therefore, I make a request to you to sanction me two weeks’ leave on an urgent basis. It would be a great favor for me on your behalf.

With due respect, I am writing this message that yesterday while I was on the way back home with my husband, we met with a serious accident. Fortunately, I did not get any injury but my husband’s condition is very serious. Doctors are saying that the next three days are very critical for him and currently he is in ICU. I am still in the trauma and not coming out of it. I am passing through very crucial moments of my life and in this situation, it is impossible for me to attend office. I want you to allow me to leave for three weeks. Once my husband’s situation gets better, I will resume my duties.

Dear Sir, please accept this message as my leave request from school for ten days. The reason for this is that my husband has sprained his leg in an accident. His car smashed in a heavy truck yesterday and he has been injured badly. He is on complete bed rest for three weeks and needs my support. It would be difficult for me to take care of him along with attending office, so I want you to relax me by approving my leave request. He cannot walk and stand on his own and needs one assistant all the time to be with him.

I hope you can understand the situation I am going through. Moreover, I have forwarded an email to Miss Anne mentioning all the important details of our current ongoing project. She can provide all kinds of assistance to you during my absence. I would be very thankful to you for this favor.

With due respect, it is stated that I have been working as an English lecturer in your esteemed institute and teach grade 10th. This message has been written to draw your attention to the vexatious incident I came across last night. I was on the way back home yesterday and my husband was driving the car. We were driving at normal speed when suddenly there appeared a car in the opposite direction. The driver of the car was in the wrong lane and my husband tried his best to control the car to save both of us but woefully my husband was hit by side of the car and fell on the road.

We were taken to the hospital and after initial medication, I got discharged as I got only mil injuries but my husband is still admitted in hospital and it will take him five more days there. Therefore, I request you to ask for seven days’ leave as I have to take care of him. I will be back to school once he gets complete recovery.

I am Julian Mark and working as an employee in your organization. My husband has been injured badly in a road accident and doctors have prescribed me rest for two weeks. He needs an attendant all the time to take him to the washroom and do some other work. I have been a punctual employee. I am unable to attend the office in this situation therefore, I request you to sanction me two weeks leave. I would be grateful to you for this kindness.

Respected Sir, I have an emergency at home because of the poor condition of my spouse as he has met with an accident last night. I need to take proper care of him as no other person can look after him better than me. Please allow me to leave for seven days; hence I will be able to bring him back to recovery soon.

I am writing this message to inform you that I will not be able to attend the office for the next three weeks. The reason for this is that my husband has met some injuries in a road accident and two veins of his brain have burst out. He is on a ventilator and in a critical situation. My life has changed in moments as my husband is my whole universe. In this tough time, it would not be possible for me to carry out my official tasks, therefore I request you to give me three weeks’ leave.

In case of urgency, you can contact Steward as he has a well understanding of my work. I cannot remain available even by email too. I hope that you will understand my situation well. Once doctors shift him to the ward, then I will try to visit the office. Thanking you in anticipation for cooperating with me.

Leave message for husband accident

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