Stomach Pain Leave Messages to Manager


Dear manager Mr. Hakim, I hope you’re well. I’m going through a very rough physical patch from the past two days. I got food poisoning due to which the pain in my stomach is just not going away with the at-home medicines. I need to get myself checked from a certain clinic. If you could grant me a leave for today, I shall be very grateful to you.


Miss Nipa, you’ve always been a kind manager to all of us. I hope your kindness remains the same when I tell you about my severe pain in the stomach today which is making me unable to come to work. Please allow me to take the day off. I promise to get back to work tomorrow all healthy and energetic. Thank you!


Good afternoon Mr. Vandyke. This message is to inform you that I’m sitting at the Wellness and Health clinic which is one hour away from work. I might be admitted today because of my stomach pain and diarrhea. Kindly grant me leave for today, I shall be very thankful to you.


Dear manager T.I Joe, I’m writing this in pain as my stomachache isn’t allowing me to call at the front desk and inform them of my absence today. The pain in my stomach that I was feeling yesterday at work has become severe today. I need to go to a specialist and my son is taking me right now. Kindly accept my urgent leave for today. I promise to make up for today’s work tomorrow.


Good morning Mrs. Roberts, this is Michael Meyers writing to inform you about my leave for today. I won’t be able to make it as my stomachache is getting worse by the hour. I might need to be put on an IV. Please excuse my urgent absence from work today. Thanking you in advance.


Miss Isabelle, I hope you are fine. As you know yesterday after the party, I started getting nauseous and left early from work. Today I’m not ok at all and have severe stomach pain. I need to go to my doctor who’s 1 hour away from my place. Kindly allow me to take the day off so I can get myself checked properly. I hope to be back in the office as soon as tomorrow.


Dear manager Miss Savannah Burdette, this is Olivia Rogers texting to inform you about my sudden stomach pain. I won’t be able to make it to work today. Please don’t worry about my shift and workload of today as I’ve talked to Matthew Hanes, and he will work on my behalf. Hopefully I’ll be better by tomorrow since I’ve taken medications for today. I’m on bedrest and will come to work as soon as I’m okay. Kindly accept my leave. Thanks so much!


Dear manager, it’s very unfortunate news for me that I’m going through stomach problems including excruciating pain. I’m afraid this might be a symptom of Covid-19. To make sure everyone around me stays safe and I’m ok health wise as well, I need to take the day off of work today. Please allow me a leave for today.

Stomach pain leave message to manager

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