Welcome Messages to Supervisor by Staff


Dear supervisor, this is Mark from your HR department team. Please accept this message as my formal welcome greeting to you on becoming our new supervisor. I truly hope with your wisdom and experience, I and my colleagues will have a lot to learn from you.


Dear Miss Rose, I am writing this message to extend my heartiest welcome to you for being positioned as our new supervisor for the leading projects of this company. I believe together, we will surpass any challenge and make new history in this company. Best, Alisha!


Dear Mike, this is Yi Pan from the sales department writing to congratulate and welcome you on becoming our supervisor. With the synergy of your experience coupled with our hard work, we shall conquer all the forthcoming projects and expand the business by the multitude.


Respected supervisor, please accept this message as my formal welcome greeting to you as you are not our supervisor for this term. I serve in the IT department and as your IT specialist, I am part of the team you are leading. Please feel free if you need anything from my end. Mariyam.


Dear Angelina, I believe fresh faces bring renewed energies and therefore vitalize things. I hope your assignment as our new supervisor will also create a spark in our team and together, we will achieve all the great things this company needs today. Welcome aboard, Joe!


Dear John, please receive this message as my formal greeting to you to welcome you aboard as the boss announced you as our new supervisor. I pray we get along well so we could be the greatest team in this company. See you soon, Belinda!


Dear Wasyl, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my warmest welcome to you as our supervisor. I was over the moon when my boss declared you our new supervisor as you are known for your meticulous attention to the projects you lead. Hopefully, we will also execute countless successful projects.


Dear Woodhouse, this is Aisha Abdulhakim, the finance specialist on your new team. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you aboard the team and hope you find the best minds in this team you need to successfully execute this project. Please feel free to contact me for anything you need at [email protected].


Dear supervisor, this is Wei from the auditing department writing this message to extend my welcome greeting to you. I hope you remember we have executed one project before this and hope to have another amazing experience with you. Please feel free to contact me anytime during the official hours at [email protected] or [X].


Dear supervisor, I welcome you with all my heart to become my new supervisor. It is my utmost honor to be working under your supervision. I truly hope with your years of experience and intelligence, I would expand by leaps and bounds. Please feel free to contact me if you need any kind of assistance. Best, Maria.

Welcome message to supervisor by staff