Warning Messages for Unprofessional Behavior

It has been observed that you have not followed my advice while performing survey works for ongoing projects. It has been investigated that you have produced fake claim regarding usage of local conveyance. It has also investigated that the conveyance you have used for site survey works and its bill is not justifiable at that particular rule. The company is giving you a last warning if we find again doing such unprofessional behavior, then you will be responsible for the consequence.

You were assigned different tasks for inventory management, but since last month we have observed that you are not performing your duties according to the rules we have discussed when you joined the company. You are not completing inventory orders on time and we are getting continuous complaints from the clients. You are an old employ of our company and we respect your efforts for the company, but for one month your unprofessional and non-serious behavior is alarming. It is good for you to improve yourself and fulfill your responsibilities otherwise you have to bear the consequence. The company will terminate you and even it can retain your provident fund.

It has been reported that you frequently proceed on leave without informing your supervisor. It clearly depicts your negligence and irresponsible behavior in the company. You also misbehaved with your supervisor that is an unbearable act. As per company rules, no employee is allowed to do holidays without informing. Leave is important. It is hereby to inform you if you find going to leave without informing or there is any complaint of your misconduct then the company will take action. It is the first and last warning. The company may fire you and cancel all the funds.

The company has been observing your behavior, performance, punctuality, and attendance for the last two weeks. You are continuously working against the policies and rules as defined in the contract. We rely on the employee who performs best and takes a company towards high level. Unfortunately, you fail to meet our expectations and you are creating a negative effect on our company. It is also creating a negative influence on the employees as well. It is not acceptable to the company. We are sending you this warning letter so that you must improve yourself and fulfill your duties according to company’s requirement. If you will not cooperate, then we have to take a harsh decision and you may not able to continue working in our organization.

Yesterday got a complaint of unprofessional and disrespectful behavior with your senior employ. In fact, your supervisor also complained about your unsatisfactory performance in your task. You do not complete your work on time and on asking you to do not provide proof of the delay in work. This not bearable and you have to face the consequence. This is, therefore, the last warning. In case if there is any complain present again in future, then the company will take an immediate action and will terminate you without any asking any justifications.

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