Farewell Messages to Boss

Last week when I heard that the boss is leaving the job, I got a shock. You are not a boss who is always in the strict mood and always discourage the employees. In fact, you are so cool minded and always guided us for the problems which we faced during the projects. You always appreciated us for the efforts we did. You are so kind heart, we all respect you and really miss your absence. We admire the efforts that you did for the office as well as your persistence through which we enjoy working in the office. Good luck with your new job and you get a lot of achievements in the future.

I still remember my first day, I was confused and was in tension as I was not able to understand a few things about the project which I had to manage. You called me and explained all things in such a friendly tone that relief my tension. With the passage of time, because of your encouraging words, support and guide in each step of the project helped me a lot and I thank you for adjusting me in the office environment. I really loved to work under your supervision and I learned a lot of new things related to my field. It is hard to say you goodbye. Good luck and congratulations on your retirement.

When the boss word comes in mind it always come a strict leader in the mind. Fortunately, I never found you a rude rather you are so friendly and kind that we all enjoy working under your supervision. You are a true inspiration as you are not only our team leader but also the good teacher who is always present to help us with hard projects. You guide in such a way to overcome the issues that we never felt that you are our boss. You are our friend. Your way of guidance was so comfortable that we easily manage the hard task and completion deadline. We will miss you a lot and I wish whatever you want in the life you get and get success.

The best thing I always found in you is that other bosses give the order but you give us the direction and guidelines. Other bosses give the deadline and target but you always give us the vision to complete the tasks. We always respect you and admire you because of your special style of leading your team. Strictness you show for our negligence is also respectable because your strictness keeps us in track and we can finish our task on time. Your both strict and encouraging attitude is respectable for us as it keeps the office environment organized and we all love to work here. To give you a farewell is not easy for us as we don’t know how we manage with the new boss. In the last just want to say I miss my best team leader, my boss. Best of luck and stay blessed.

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