Farewell Messages for a Colleague

I will never forget the time we spent together. You are moving on to a newer, better aspect of your life and my goodwill, best wishes, and hopes will always be with you. I will miss you and all that we did together. Farewell and best of luck for the future.

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? It seems like it was just yesterday when you first popped into my office, all determined and energetic, ready to make an impression on everyone and leave your mark. Now you are leaving. I cannot consider it has been so long since then. But now you have found something else, something better to do with your life. I sincerely wish and hope that we will meet again in the future. Good luck!

You are leaving! It is so difficult to believe. You had honestly become such a permanent part of my life that I thought you would always be there. Not anymore, I guess. Nevertheless, I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and hope with all my heart that we will sometime again meet in the future, will be able to grab a cup of coffee together and reminisce on old times. It will be very difficult to get used to life in this office without your presence, my friend!

I am so sad to learn that you are leaving! You made my experience here very learning and entertaining! It will not be the same without you. Your new journey will, no doubt, contain lots of new challenges and obstacles and, in those times, I hope you will remember me and all that we accomplished together. I hope you will draw strength from those memories and that they will help you through whatever you may face. Best of luck for the future and don’t forget me!

I hope you enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working with you. Seeing your desk empty every time I walk into this office will, no doubt, leave a gaping hole in all our hearts. At times like those, I will remember the memories we made together, the time we spent together and will hope that wherever you are in life, you are doing good and are happy. Your absence will leave a profound effect on all of us, no doubt. All the luck for the future and hope to meet you again someday.

Your loss to this company will be like the loss of a limb. Still, I hope that wherever you go, you are flourishing and giving it your all. You were with me in my lowest points in this company and always stuck with me. I will forever be grateful for that. I hope with all my heart that wherever you go, you find success. Our journey was a memorable one and I will never forget it and hope that you never will, either. Goodbye, my friend!

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