Valentine’s Love Messages

You are my love and I cannot forget you. You have showered your entire love on me which I do not deserve even. I thank you for loving me so much. On this day, I just want to express my true love to you. No one in this world is so special for me than you; I want you to be with me forever. My love for you will never depart, it will continue until the sun is shining and water is flowing in the oceans. It is my wish that you consider my love for you and accept me as your life partner.

No Valentine card can fulfill my feelings that what I have for you, you are my everlasting love and sweetheart. It’s the beginning of my love and will never end. You can trust me fully; I will never waste your trust in me. Every moment I spent with you is unforgettable for me. It is my inner desire to be with you always and that’s why I wish you happy valentine on this special day. I hope you will respect my feelings and will never leave me forever. I want your support in my life and your true loves that I badly need.

I am glad to be with you in my life as without you I would not be completed. When I look back at things, I find that no one is so special and precious for me except you. I could never forget all your support and love that you showered on me in my life, so you were with me every time in my thoughts. I cannot live without you. For this reason, on this special day of love, I expose my feelings to you and reveal this secret that I love you with the bottom of my heart.

When I wake up in the morning, you are the foremost person that comes in my mind. Honey! You are just a part of me. Hold my hand and love me forever as there is no tomorrow. You are my first and last love, so fill my heart with endless and everlasting love. Dear, you are so special for me that every moment and every second I just think about you; it’s hard for me to take off my head and slip your memories out of my mind.

All my worries came to an end after when I look at you. I like to keep my head in your lap. I am the most fortunate person in this world that I have you. Your inner beauty has attracted me and has compelled me to you. You are not only my life partner but my everlasting companion. I can never forget the memories I had with you throughout my life. On this special day, I reveal my heartiest feeling of the love to you. You are my peace of mind and I could never find such a perfect life partner like you.

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