Take Care Messages to Girl/Boyfriend

Oh, my love! You are the rainbow of my life, and I am incomplete without you. I can feel each and every moment which I have shared with you. I only have to say you to take care of yourself as I am very much worried about you. I want to see you as handsome as you were when I met you for the first time. You are my hero, and I want you to always remain my hero. Just keep yourself updated and get yourself amused. I am always with you.

My dear, you are my life as the moments you have passed with me are the precious ones for me. There is no comparison of your love, so I wanted to say thanks to you for being with me and I want you to take care of yourself. I know it’s hard to start keeping yourself maintained, but you can as I know if you determine something you do it. So, try to join a gym and do some exercise for losing your weight. I hope you would not mind all that as I am saying it for your betterment.

My dear, I know it’s hard to leave a habit but it’s very essential for your health to leave the habit of smoking. You know that smoking is bad for health and I want you to quit smoking for your health. You are losing weight day by day due to a lot of smoking. It is my advice to immediately quit smoking as your health is going down because of it. I love you sweetheart and want you to be healthy and happy always. Hope you would not mind and understand me. I am just waiting for your decision.

Honey! You are my life and I want you to prosper in all the situations of life. Your father is saying right and as being your best friend, I advise you start doing a job for our future. Remember all the happy moments which we shared each other and then think about ourselves. Do you want to be with me the whole life? If it is so, then you should immediately start your job for the building up of your career. I am with you always and I advise you to take care of yourself too besides doing hard work.

Darling! You are the one which I trust the most. You have struggled for me in all the situations. As your best friend, I advise you to take care of your health. This is so much important as you are getting weak day by day because of this disease. I would take you to the best hospital in the city, but you must just take rest and take medicines on time. I prayed for gaining your health again. I am so much worried about you that I cannot describe you. You are my life and I cannot live without you.

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