Take Care Messages for Family & Friends

My dear friend, take care of yourself as I know that nowadays you are suffering from high fever. You must take your medicine on time and have some soup and tea at night. You know that you are my only friend and I love you so much. Get well soon, and then, we will go for some shopping. Never feel lonely as I am always with you. You must wear warm clothes for keeping yourself warm as the cool breeze is blowing outside. I am going to visit you in the evening today. Take good care of yourself.

Care is the sweetest feeling that every person needs. When you take care of someone, it means you are very close to that person. So, I advise you to take care of your health as you are away from me, and we are apart. My sweet aunt, you are like my mother, so it is my responsibility to take care of yourself. Does regular exercise and take a glass of milk daily for the building up your bones.

No matter whatever you said to me, but I am always thinking of you and I take care of you as you are my sweet grandfather. I know you do not take care of yourself and do not take medicines on time. Secondly, you do a lot of fatigue and drive the car a lot. Just slow down your activities and take some rest. Do not drive so much as this is not good for your health. You are at the age when your body gets weak and you need rest for energizing yourself. Take a healthy diet and skip all oily foods. Remember, I am always with you.

Always remember that you are not alone as I am with you to take care of yourself. Distances can never keep you apart from me. You are like a breath for me that is very important for life, so you can imagine that how much worthy you are to me. My sweetest mom, I love you so much and I can never leave you. You are in the core of my heart, so I always think about you. For me, you must take care of your health. Do not eat too many oily foods and take your medicines on time to maintain your health.

My dear husband, take care of yourself as you have started a new business, so I know that it’s very important for you to take some rest and take care of your diet and exercise. Take your meal on time, and drink ample water, besides, do walk in the morning. All these precautions will keep you fresh and active. I know it’s very tiring to extend your business and you do not get time for all these activities in such a busy routine but try to take time for your health. I hope you would not mind all that and will take all these precautions.

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