President’s Annual Report Messages


At the time you are finding this report, the world is combating serious healthcare issues that have put drastic impacts on economies and businesses, and professions all over the globe. It has also put deepened effect on our lives professionally as well as personally. We are modifying new methods of nurturing our connections while we support our customers and employees. For the past few years, remarkable investments have been made in advancing the trading platforms, infrastructure, and technology and we conscientiously stress test capabilities, protocols, and dimensions. These significant speculations have come up with flexibility and adaptability for today and it will continue in underpinning our future aspirations.


With the completion of last year, we remain resolute and devoted to aiming at how the nation can carry on with to find out innovative and unique ways to aid our circle negotiation forward. The achievements and triumphs that have been highlighted in the annual’s report pinpoint numerous ways in which the College has been of a great helping hand to serving and strengthening regions and students. It can be hoped that this report will be shared with others and with those especially who are eagerly waiting to build their lives and career in a better way.


As we have completed the whole year so now, we are entering into an arena that gaps in skills and labor shortage. This report can be found both on our programs and on the official website. We have initiated to minute Technology institutes that will add more opportunities for a career as we advance projects in a futuristic meld, engineering degrees, and programs together with mechanical and electrical engineering. Technology institutes will be built along with the current building in Louisiana Campus covering the area of five acres that has been donated by Mr. Sherlock, the CEO of ABC Foods. We are excited that this technology institute will be regarded as a treasured part of the quadrangle and geographical ingenious asset.


As you find this report you will come to know that our college is striving to be an incitement for substitute both a community and student level. Our relationships have become stronger this year with five country councils and some school systems, and we are struggling together to expand expectations related to education, advancement of the region, and workforce dimensions. Whilst studying ABC we come to know that our major institutions participate in more than 980 USD on annual basis in form of auxiliary emoluments from the employments they procured because of their job skills, degrees and diplomas grossed here. We hearten them to acquire skills of the 21st century by refurbishing their reservations.


At the successful completion of the year, I want to add that we must be devoted and resolute in finding exuberant ways that will help in moving the country forward. The triumphs and all the goals that have been achieved in the current year have been mentioned clearly in the annual report which highlights the ways that how educational institutions have been of vital help in empowering students and the community. In addition to outstanding splendid programs at universities, we have enlarged many short courses for untutored skills such as corroborated medical assistants and for updating skills and amalgamating different production programs. We have hired employees on good wages in our new program for freshly graduates.

I want to thank you for your unending and ceaseless support and commitment to ABC College. This entire important task was not possible without your continuous support and funding, and we are striving every single day to improve the lives of people with learning power.


The past year was a remarkable one in terms of feeding West New Jersey. It is the back-to-back third year that we have succeeded in heading towards a new watershed in distributing food and sending almost 45 million tons of food to our community. Our directors spent most of the part of 20XX in planning out new strategic ways to answer that now the time has come to head towards calling the fundamental reason of the need and this will bring a change in thinking. We focused mainly on the number of meals that we distributed in each county.

An average of almost 85 peals was provided in different counties of New Jersey and Washington. This is a good initiative but was not enough. Insecurity of food is not experienced at a regional level. Mostly they go through it in their day-to-day life in workplaces, churches, neighborhoods, and schools. The new ways of progress have also been made on the main reason for food diffidence by building and assisting on the drudgery of 585 local agencies.

The agencies like ABC and XYZ are also making the young generation skilled in attaining jobs and land. Our vision for a great land can be possible if we whole stand as a nation and for this purpose you need to support us.

President's Annual Report Messages

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