Leave Messages from Doctor


Dear principal, this is Dr. Rozina Shah writing to request one day’s leave for my patient Aisha Maryam as she is suffering from food poisoning. Owing to her deteriorating health, it is not possible for her to attend school today and do the daily schoolwork. Hence, I have advised her complete bed rest for one full day.


Dear Mike, this is Dr. Samantha Mubarak, a family doctor of your employee Arshad Wali. Please accept this message as my formal request to grant Mr. Wali off today as he is medically misfit to attend the workplace today and execute his duties. Owing to a high fever, his body cannot function normally and needs to rest fully. I will appreciate your cooperation.


Dear Mr. Joey, I am writing this message in my official capacity to appeal to you to allow Miss Rose two-day leaves from [DATE] to [DATE] as she is undergoing surgery with me. Although the procedure is quite minor, it can take a toll on the patient’s mental and physical health, and hence she needs two days to recover. I hope you will cooperate with her in this regard as this surgery is crucial to be done tomorrow.


Dear Miss Elizabeth, I am the GP of your student Jamal Salazar from 9th grade writing in my official capacity to inform you that your student is going through severe depression due to his parents’ death lately. He needs some time off to recover from this traumatic experience and therefore, I have recommended he a week off from school. Your cooperation will be appreciated in saving the child’s future. Thanks, Mark!


Respected manager, as Belinda’s doctor, I request you to give her three days off from the work following the painful incident she experienced at your warehouse. The machine that fell on her arm has taken a heavy toll on her wrist bone and therefore she will not be able to proceed to work for three days at least. I will examine her after three days to make a diagnosis but until then, I advise her to be on strict bed rest. I appreciate your assistance in this regard.


Dear Joan, I have advised Yuan to take the day off from her work following the food poisoning she has been experiencing for two days. I had put her on quite heavy medication for it but it does not seem to be cured properly and she needs complete rest now. I hope you will assist her in doing so. Regards, Dr. Alex Baldwin, Sydney City Hospital.


Dear Carmen, my patient Brycen Meth, your student (BS Psychology) has been complaining of severe migraine to me and despite being on serious medication, he again experienced a bad episode and therefore, I request you to allow him the day off so he can recover from it. Your cooperation will be much helpful for my patient’s health. Regards, Dr. Mike Lothar.

leave message from doctor