Friendly Payment Reminder Messages to People

Dear Mr. Smith, hope you’re well. This is a reminder message to you that the payment of $750 is remaining on invoice#20. I’d highly appreciate it if you look into your records and remit the money on behalf of your team. Thanks.

Respected Mr. VanDyke. I hope this message finds you in good health. I’m writing this message in case you haven’t checked your email for the last two days. I sent you the receipt of the items bought from your side on which the payment is still pending. Kindly look into your account and pay the amount in order to proceed further.

Dear Mrs. Brenda. I have sent you a couple of voice notes regarding the due amount on your invoice#8. The total amount is $1200 which was due 1 week ago. I haven’t received any response from you whatsoever. We might have to cancel your membership if you don’t reply to this message asap. Kindly take this matter into consideration.

Dear Rhonda Williams, this is a friendly reminder to you that you haven’t paid the $1450 for the past 2 months. We cannot afford to keep you under our banner if you do not respond to us within 48 hours of this message. If you have any queries regarding the payment, feel free to contact me at 818-356-1234.

Hello John Smith. This is PCD Electrical Company. We are contacting you to remind you about the bills you have to pay for electricity and water. The due date has passed and there’s a 2% increment on your bills as of now. Please make this matter a priority and use our website to pay your bills. Otherwise, we fear we might have to disconnect it.

Hi Mr. Scott. Your current remaining balance at plumbing services is $200 considering the aftermath of the flood and our work at your home. Kindly Zelle us the money at account Plumbing5647NC. Or contact us at 336-263-1892. We will let you know of other contact ways you can pay us. Thank you.

Hello Miss Zerena Chaudhary. As you know under your receipt#23567, your remaining charges are $510. If you do not pay us within 48 hours, I’m afraid we might have to disconnect water services at your home. You haven’t paid last month’s bill on time either. Kindly solve this matter asap and spare us both our time. Thank you!

Reminder alert! Hello Rhonda Williams. This is just a friendly reminder to you that your service charges are $1637 under the receipt of the Laser Hair Removal company. There was a discount only for your first session but this will be fully charged. Please pay us the remaining money so we can schedule your next appointment and keep the process going. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the company and Miss Ana will guide you through.

This is a friendly reminder that your payment of $410 is due today at the Labrador Homeware Company. Once the due date passes, I’m afraid I’ll have to charge you extra for every passing day. So, pay now and enjoy now.

Friendly payment reminder message

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