Strong Warning Messages for Negligence


It has been observed by the company management that your performance is not up to the acceptance level. You are neglecting your duties on a regular basis and did not show any progress in the recent months. There have been many complaints about you by your supervisor. Despite many verbal warnings, there wasn’t any improvement. Please take this letter as an official warning letter. We did not want to reach this stage, but there wasn’t any choice. If there is any serious problem that is stopping you from improvement you can share it with us. You are required to improve within two weeks from now onwards, otherwise, you will be responsible for the circumstances.


As per the company policy [X], this is an official warning letter given to you for your continuous and unexplained negligence of the duties and tasks assigned to you. Many verbal warnings were given to you by your supervisor, but there wasn’t any improvement in your work. You have fallen behind many projects and much of the work is missing on your part which is not acceptable. Now, this behavior from your side cannot be tolerated further. The company is giving you four weeks from now to accomplish your assigned task without any further delay. Positive change in your attitude is required. If there is any help needed from my side, you are always welcome to contact me. Thank you.


This is to inform you that it has been observed that you are not coping up with your work and duties as an employee. Also, there is no progress in your work in a very long time, which means that you aren’t benefitting the company in any way. We have also received many complaints about your work and behavior with other employees on which you were given verbal warnings many times. But you did not take any of those warnings seriously. So, we are sending you this last warning letter and after this, no warnings will be given and only actions will be made. I hope you will change and show progress or you will be held accountable for the consequences.


This is an official written warning given to you for your repeated negligence of tasks and duties. As it was reported by your concerned supervisor [X], you are neglecting your work and duties for a month. Besides, you have been coming late to work for the last few days. You were given verbal warnings, many times and asked for an explanation, but you did not bother to submit a reply in your defense. Keeping seniority in view, the company gave you the last warning to improve yourself up to the mark and you are required to work on the above-mentioned points immediately. We will be reassessing you in the next four weeks from now and a written explanation is required for your negligence. Looking forward to progress.


This message is to serve as an official warning on the negligence of your work and duties assigned to you. Also, your behavior with other employees of the company is found not to be acceptable. This kind of misconduct in the workplace is not expected and against the company rules and regulations. Company policies are designed to provide good and healthy environments for all employees. You are kindly requested for a dramatic shift in your attitude and perspective of your job. The company management has given your 15 days from now to improve yourself and fulfill the given target within this period otherwise the company will not be responsible for the consequences.

Strong warning message for negligence

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