Office Rules Violation Messages

This message is to notify you that one should not be this much inconsiderate & irresponsible towards their obligation at the workplace. It has been observed over & over again that you do not abide by the rules & regulations set by the company to make it a better place to work at. Annihilation of one rule or all rules of the company is an equally unjustified crime. This message serves you as an official notice against the violation of rules. You are advised to make an apology letter to make a pledge never to repeat the practice otherwise the company will have to take strict actions against you including termination.

It is reported that you are a serious victim of the disease of inhumanity & injustice. You should study current examples in parallel circumstances by putting yourself in the same situation. People should be treated in the same respected way as others are being treated irrespective of race, gender, age, frailty or domestic foundation. It is advised to you to mend your ways & enter in the world of mere humanity. Otherwise, the company cannot take the risk by locating you in our group to annihilate the morale of the firm.

You have been accused of coming late to the office every other day since last three months. The company wanted you to be a part of it, but it seems as if it has become quite difficult for us to keep up with your habit of late coming. The corporation has got its rules & regulations carved on its entrance to avoid any inconvenience with the workforces. This message should be considered as the last official warning against this unethical routine to be extracted from your professional life if you intend to work with us.

Absenteeism ruins the moral condition of an institute anyway as it has adverse effects on all others working under the same roof. I want you to be about your presence at workplace & do not cross the limit of bunking offset by the company. Since you are a new addition to the firm that is why the company offers you a final chance to work on this professional flaw to make us keep moving together.

It is not allowed to ignore the dress code policy set by the company come what may if you must come to the office. Do come professionally attired in decent clothes which do not cause any irritation or annoyance to others working with you. There is no point left in not following the dress code since this is mandatory to follow the rules when you are working with a recognized institute. This message should be considered as the first & the last warning notice against such violation of rules which is not tolerable at any cost.

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