Show Cause Message to Employee for Absence


Martha Oliver, I have been informed about your absentees for the past three consecutive days. Your sudden disappearance from the workplace has caused everyone a huge load of work. If you do not respond within 24 hours with a valid excuse, I might have you evicted from the office.


Dear Tayyaba, I’m sure you’re aware that our company’s policy includes no leaves unless given prior notice of a genuine excuse. Our company does not tolerate a day off without noticing the authorities let alone 2 days straight. You’ve been absent from work for two days with no communication whatsoever. This is strictly not allowed. If we do not hear back within 30 hours, strict actions will be taken.


Dear Miral, I have noticed that you have skipped work from August 31st, 20XX to Sept 3rd, 20XX without any intimation. As per company rules, this is a big offense. You will be held responsible for your absentees as well as no information and form of communication prior to or even during these days. Your actions will be held accountable. We need to hear from you within 48 hours.


Mr. Matthew, as per company rules, you are not allowed to leave without notifying the official authorities. Yet you are absent for 2 days. This is highly concerning as you’re aware our company is strict on this policy. This is your first and last warning to contact us as soon as possible otherwise strict action will be taken as per the company rules.


Dear Ifrah, after a no-notice 3-day long absence, you’re back in the office with no explanation. This message is to inform you that you will be held responsible for your unprofessional misconduct during office hours. Kindly, report to the office immediately.


Mr. Ben, for the first time in this company’s history, you have taken a full week off from work without any prior notice. This is an intolerable irresponsible behavior against which we take strict actions. Although we will not be terminating your employment, we are forced to deduct some money off your paycheck unless you provide us with a valid reason within 48 hours. If you aren’t able to do so, we might think of taking this to the higher authorities and I cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to keep your job.


Dear Tayyaba, we have noticed you have missed work from September 1st 20XX to Sept. 3rd, 20XX without notifying the official authorities. We have not received any sort of explanation and leave application during this time. Kindly, get back to us after this message within office hours today! If you are unable to do so, we might take strict action against you which can result in termination of your employment.


Dear Mezzo, as harsh as it’s going to sound, we have to deduct from your salary as per company rules. You have taken 2 days off from work without any prior leave application. Please present us with a valid reason for the absentees or you will be taken action against them.

Show Cause Message to Employee for Absence

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