Reimbursement Request Message to HR


Respected HR (insert name here), I’d like to request a reimbursement for the Covid test I had to take prior to the business meeting. I don’t know how we missed the point of getting tested for Covid before my flight to Delaware. The hospital I was tested at is nearly 6 miles away from my home. So, to the hospital and back, it was 12 miles and as you know gas is expensive now, I’m attaching the gas receipt along with the $116 it took to get the Covid test. Thank you for being compassionate enough to send me my reimbursement ASAP.


Respected Miss Davis, on my three days business trip to Iowa, I fell ill as you know. Some medicines that I had to take to get back on my feet were expensive. Kindly, reimburse me the money I had to pay out of my own expenses at that time. I shall be thankful to you. The receipt is attached to this message.


Dear Miss Olivia, I hope you are doing well. I’m pretty certain you heard about me and two other colleagues get food poisoning at the official event of our company. I had to be admitted to the hospital and since I don’t have insurance, I paid from my wallet. I was told I will be reimbursed for this as I wasn’t the only one who suffered because of the poor quality of food. I emailed you my hospital bill for reimbursement. Thanking you in advance.


Dear sir, this is Michael Meyers. I’m writing this message to remind you of the fuel expenses receipt I emailed you yesterday. I reckon you haven’t checked your mail. To be frank, I had to pay the gas money from my wallet including the oil change when I went to Raleigh for the business trip. As you know the distance from Winston Salem to Raleigh is a bit much, it took big miles on my mediocre car. Therefore, I request you to check your email and reimburse me for this money so I can keep track of my income.


Dear HR, I am Robert Willis, messaging to inform you about the fuel, internet, and travel expenses that I had to pay on my own during the two-day business trip. As this was my first time, I wasn’t aware I could take the money beforehand. Kindly reimburse me the hotel room Wi-Fi usage money as well as other travel expenses including fuel. I have sent you an email of the full receipt with a thorough explanation of where each penny was spent from my wallet in two days. I hope you reimburse me the money ASAP.


Mr. Michael, I hope this message finds you in good health. Apparently at the job fair, as your company’s representative, I accidentally sprained my ankle and had to be rushed to the hospital. My total bill was $550 which I had to pay on spot. As per company rules, I hope you will reimburse my money. Thanking you in advance.

Reimbursement Request Message to HR

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