Gratitude Message from the CEO


Please consider this message as an appreciative note that has been drafted keeping in view your performance throughout the month. The site project you were working on proved a lucky charm for the company as we received hundreds of orders after its marketing. It could not have been possible if you did not make extra efforts. I am thankful to you for all you have done in the accomplishment of this project. I have organized a dinner to celebrate the success and I want you to be there. Warm gratitude to you.


We got the highest output of our newly launched products from our workers which aided a lot in realizing dream targets. I want to appreciate all the efforts you made in accomplishing the tasks and working extra hours for the organization’s success. It is a matter of great pleasure for me that I was bestowed with such wonderful teammates whose hard work helped the organization in crossing the milestone. You all demonstrated single-mindedness and ascertainment. We could not have proceeded the extra mile without your truthfulness. I am beholden to you all for being such a wonderful team. A huge round of applause for you.


Hope you all have been rejoicing on good weekdays. This message is a thank you note for you after getting so much constructive assessment from the management. You performed magnificently in a dynamic program and the zealousness with which you maneuvered the project was beyond words. Being CEO means that you have huge responsibilities on your back but with the continuous support of sincere employees like you, the narrow path can easily be crossed. You always prompted and galvanized me and paved the way for good fortune. You are a treasure to us and I am paying my gratitude wholeheartedly. Surprise gifts are waiting for you on the office desk, you can collect them today. It is a little token of love from the company.


It makes me feel contented to work with employees that are activated and dedicated. It was not possible to cross the breakthrough without your continuous support. You all burnt like midnight oil and did every possible effort to enable the company set to float its new products. The integrity and wholeheartedness that were exposed were exceptional. This has taken the success of our organization to another level. Bundle of thanks to you for making us proud.


Please accept this message as a gratitude note for steering auspiciously the layout on behalf of the accounts department. Everyone was awe-inspired after going through the generalship you laid out in fulfilling the targets. Your role as team lead has provided me with positive vibes that the future of the company is in safe hands. Words are not enough to express how much grateful I am for your diligence and contentment that opened the gates of success for us. The project review has crossed one million views and it happened all because of you. Keeping in view your efforts and dedication, the management has decided to raise your pay up to 40% and I hope this news will mark your day. Hoping to see your work in the future with the same spirit and energy.


This is a complimentary note for you on account of your tremendous success. You proved yourself by working diligently and earned fame for the institute. We had been looking for a full-of-beans employee that will leave no stone unturned for acquiring positive results for the institute. Your command over accounts auditing helped us a lot in stepping out of the big hurdle we were facing. As a reward, I am giving an increase to your salary and in future, I am expecting to see you working with the same aptitude.


Hello Kennel, you are very precious to me as you astound me every single day with your impressive attitude. To give you the role of team leader was the best decision ever as you are performing marvelously. Your presence means a lot and kudos to you for always prioritizing your work over the rest of your affairs. I want long-term relations with you therefore, you have been promoted to area manager. May you keep sparkling and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Gratitude message from CEO

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