Permission Message to Principal for Absence


Honorable Principal Martha, I’m Viola Davis; teacher of English Literature at your college. I’m messaging to inform you about sudden death in the family today. All of my family members are leaving right now for the funeral, and I cannot be left behind alone since the deceased is a close relative of mine. Kindly grant me permission to be absent from work today.


Respected Principal David, this is Maria Channing. I regret to inform you I will not be able to come to work today as I was coughing all day long yesterday. Today I have a high fever and I’m also leaving for my Covid test which I will get the results of in a couple of hours. Due to my bad health, I won’t be able to make it to work. Kindly call a substitute and allow me a leave for one day.


Respected Mr. Vandyke, I, Martha Stewart, am writing this informal message to ask your permission for an urgent absence from work today. I’ll be honored if you understood my sudden notice of absence as I just remembered today is my nephew’s wedding. I cannot come to work. Kindly, pardon me for today’s work.


Dear principal, as I write this message, my son is being transferred to the E.R. He fell down the stairs and all I remember is too much blood everywhere. I am in the ambulance with him. I understand this is a work hour but I cannot come. I hope you accept my genuine reason for my sudden absence from school today. Please pray for my son. Hopefully, I will come back tomorrow on the same routine.


Respected Principal Christopher, this is Havier Alba. I am a history teacher at your school. As I was coming to work today, I had an accident. I am ok but the car is fully wrecked. I’m afraid I’ll have to spend a couple of hours at the hospital as well as the police station for the investigation as you know how long it sometimes takes. Due to this very reason, I ask for your permission to grant me an absence from work today.


Sir, this is Mikayla Davis. I apologize for my informal way of asking you for permission for an absence from work today. The truth of the matter is that my grandmother died of a heart attack this morning and I’m flying off to Dallas to attend her funeral. I will be back tonight. Looking forward to school tomorrow. Kindly grant me permission for a sudden absence from work right now.


Honorable Principal Haywood, my name is Chan. I teach Mathematics at [X] high school. I recently got involved in an accident about 3 miles away from school. Currently, I am sitting in the hospital for a couple of stitches on my forehead. I am doing ok but it will take me a couple of hours to be discharged from the hospital. By the time I’m done with the hospital, the school will be over. I hope you find it in your kind heart to grant me permission to take an absence from work today.

Permission message to principal for absence

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