Club Meeting Invitation Message Samples


Dear Mr. Chadwick Louis, with due respect, this message is being sent to you as a reminder of your monthly club meeting. It will be on Sept. 18th, 2021. You haven’t been attending any for the past 4 months even though we inform you every month 3 days prior to the day of the meeting. Please let us know the reason for your absence from the club meeting. Also, kindly reply to this message in affirmation if you are coming on the 18th. If not, please contact Mr. Michael Scott for an explanation, or else we will not consider you a member anymore.


Respected Mr. Melvin, I hope you are in good health. We have arranged an urgent meeting for the club members on Friday, Sept 17th,2021. This time, the topics under discussion will be financial distribution, amendments in the planning of the current club project as well as other tasks including new club members and various other queries and discussions from the new and old members. Please be on time at 5:30 pm sharp. We hope to take advantage of your glorious presence at the meeting as always. Thank you!


As your close colleague and club member, I cannot emphasize enough how much you motivate me to do better, value myself and others, every time we attend the club meeting together. I hope you are coming to this month’s club meeting as well so we can all enjoy your wonderful assets of moral character and intellect. This meeting will be held in the same place at the same time as every month. Looking forward to seeing you!


The Nerdy Book Club invites you for the weekly meeting near the library in Chorungus park at PennCity. Remember to keep this meeting interesting and bring a surprise for all the group members. I will see you all under the bridge at 4:00 pm in your favorite sweaters, hot chocolate mugs, and this week’s book.


Hey there community friend! This message is sent to you by the Department of Transportation of Chicago for a Community Meeting. This time we’re hosting a gathering at the Country Club on the topic of Transportation, Pollution, and the Solution. Be prepared to see a surprise guest appearance too, that you will absolutely adore. We hope to see you there soon to keep up with the oath we all took as a member of this club.


Dear Participant, #34, this is the Rotary Cafe Club messaging you to inform you about the club meeting. This time as you know, it’s our 6th anniversary, we’re hosting a dinner along with the meeting. On behalf of the whole team, we cordially invite you to the club on September 18th, 2021, Saturday. P.S, feel free to bring ornaments and decor as you’d like for the anniversary.


Dear Miss Rachel, this is Michael Moore. I’m messaging to inform you about your vital role in the club meeting this weekend. This time, I hope you remember that it’s your turn to give us a thorough survey and summary of the book ‘Forty Rules of Love’. We cannot wait to hear your take on this book. Excited to see you!

Club meeting invitation message

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