Leave Messages for Doctor Appointment


Most humbly and respectfully, I would like to inform you that I want to leave the office after lunch break because of an appointment with a doctor for a medical checkup. I want you to give me a favor in this regard by giving me a half-day leave. I will be grateful to you for this forever.


You are well aware of the changing climate of the city. Because of polluted water, there is a messy situation everywhere in the city and it is inviting many contagious diseases. As I travel by bike, so polluted water also hits my body. Yesterday on returning home the drops of shabby water poured on my body and after reaching home I washed and sanitized the dirty part. The next morning when I woke up for getting ready, I found my leg having red spots o it. I called the concerned doctor and book an appointment.

I need three days’ leave in this regard for getting treatment and recovering congruously. I will be highly grateful to you for this concerned corroboration.


Kindly be informed that my face’s skin is breaking out gradually and creating an annoyance for me. It makes me feel uneasy with this skin problem. I have read thoroughly about this issue on the internet and this issue if not treated properly can leave perennial entrenched patches on the skin. I have taken an appointment with a consultant in this regard. Bigheartedly, kindly sanction me one day’s leave from the office on 30-01-20XX. I will remain grateful to you for this considerate gentility.


This application is to inform you that I am Jonathan Steward and Physics instructor at ABC School. My world comprises of my better half and a son. My wife is undergoing a hypertension problem over the past few weeks and it has made my home atmosphere a little toxic. My friend has recommended I check her to a well-known doctor and the consultant is accessible on 20th November. It will take some time to get her treatment properly and it would be difficult for me too to come to school that day. Therefore, I demand one day’s leave so may I take my wife there.


This is to inform you kindly that I am suffering from a stomach infection. I visited a doctor in this regard yesterday and he has prescribed a step-by-step process for the treatment at his clinic. Kindly give me a permit now to visit the doctor as per the detail mentioned above. My treatment will start tomorrow and I will be highly appreciative to you for sanctioning my medical leave.


This is humble to inform you that I have a meeting with my consultant tomorrow at 10:00 am. As you know well about my medical history that I went through long medication due to my back injury and in order to avoid any additional intricacy it should be examined quickly. If this is not so much disturbing for you then kindly award me half day leave tomorrow from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm so may I get my checkup done as per the reason above mentioned. Paying my thanks in advance.


I am Martha an English instructor in your college. I am suffering from flu and fever for the past few days. I want to consult a doctor for this reason but do not find time due to the heavy workload. As the situation is getting worsened now so I have confirmed my appointment with the doctor and he will be available today at 1:00 pm. In order to avoid waiting in the queue, I should reach timely. It will be great favor from your side if you grant me a day’s leave.


Kindly accept this application as written notification about my leave today as I am unable to attend work today due to bad health. I have an appointment with the consultant and I seek your permission for one day’s leave. Please let me know in case you want additional information.


This application is being written to let you know that I am suffering from a liver infection and after the lunch break, I want to leave. This afternoon I have an appointment with the specialist for a medical checkup. Kindly sanction me half day leave for today and for your reference the letter given by specialist is attached with this application. Keeping in view the aforementioned reason I hope you will understand the situation. Waiting for your approval.

Leave message for doctor appointment

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