New Work Schedule Message to Staff


Please be noted that this message is being written in order to inform about the slight changes in working hours. Due to ongoing weather situation, it has been decided unanimously that working hours will be reduced to six hours. The changes will be applicable on 28th November 20XX and till January’s end will remain the same. Moreover, the change in hours will not impact your wages as the change in hours is temporary. The changes have been made by HR and any related concerns will be dealt with by HR.


Dear staff, kindly be informed, from 3rd November 20XX there will be an altered timetable. Your office timings will from 9:00 am to 4:00 with half an hour lunch break. We are sorry in advance in case it causes inconvenience to our customers and intensifies your tolerance in this regard. This message should be considered as an accepted abatement to your service’s conditions and rapports.


This message is to let you know about the increase in working hours in effect from 25th December 2021. This timetable is applicable to all the staff. ABC Organization has successfully completed its ten years and it has established a good network and constituency in the market and it has given rise to more work. To meet the demands of customers the officials have decided to increase the working duration by two hours.

In order to stabilize the situation there will be added one hour in the morning and then one hour in the evening. Thus according to the new timetable, working hours will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The change in the hours is permanent. The company understands your capacity limits but it also expects your persistence towards the company. Moreover, there will be an increase in salary by 20%. The increments, bonuses, and commissions are separate from this. The company will be highly obliged to you for your consideration and cooperation.


To confront the increasing requirements of customers, the timetable has been changed slightly. The new timings as per the new schedule are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. The new working hours will provide us benefit in order to make a stronger bond with customers. Customers’ interest is always kept as a priority. The new schedule will take effect from 1st December 20XX. There have been made no other changes except the change in working hours.


To all the concerned staff XYZ Organization, please take this message as a general announcement that from 3rd December 20XX the change has been made in office timings. It is compulsory for you to follow new timings and it has been set by keeping in view your convenience. Kindly adjust yourself to the new schedule.


This message is being written in order to provide you new working schedule that will be implemented from 22nd November 20XX. As you know that winter season is just about to come so it would be difficult for you to follow the old timings. This matter was also talked about the day in the meeting of directors in which they agreed to bring change in the current working schedule. The changes are applicable to all the staff and there will be made no amendments in it. You have to modify yourself with the new schedule. You all are requested to be on time from 22nd November 20XX.


This message is being written to let you notify regarding the new working schedule due to prevailing weather conditions. The new timings will be executed from 23rd October. In yesterday’s meeting with supervisors and director, this decision was taken. The timings have been set by keeping in view your ease. This change will be applicable to both the morning and evening shifts. The timings for the daily shift will be from 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm for the night shift. You all are requested to design your schedule according to these timings. Do not forget to come timely as per the above-mentioned date.

New Work Schedule Message to Staff

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