Goodbye Messages after Resignation


Hello Sir, hope this message finds you in the best of your health. Tomorrow is my last working day as an employee in your esteemed organization. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you at this moment for providing me with your continuous assistance and guidance during my time here. It was really an exuberant and mesmerizing experience working in such an environment. I have learned prodigious personal as well as professional growth. I came to know many things under your kind surveillance. As I am resigning so I am wishing you never-ending success. I want to remain in contact with you even after my resignation as I do not want to end my terms with you.


I am Matthew Arnold and writing this message to pay my sincere regards to you on my last working day in your organization. I was working as a marketing assistant in your corporation for the past fifteen years and time fled so quickly that it all seems like the blink of an eye. It is really heart-rending for me to bid farewell to a tenderhearted and benevolent mentor who has maneuvered me in every possible way. I am really much excited to meet new experiences and chances as a finance manager.

I really want to thank you for all the things you engulfed in me and told me the ways of becoming a skillful and great leader. Your gentle supervision has influenced me positively and remained very helpful in my professional growth. Without your continued encouragement and uplifting it was not possible for me to complete all the tasks in a professional way. I want to wish you and my other coworkers continuous success. I will be very happy to be in touch with you after my resignation I can be contacted by email for my personal phone number. I am again saying thanks to you for making me the person I am today.


Tomorrow is 20th February and it will be my last working day as assistant manager in ABC organization. With the help of this message, I want to extend my hat tips and acknowledgments for your support in guiding me. I want to tell you before leaving that all these years vouchsafed in me Intellectual and sagacious learning and exposure.

I came to know about great management and personal development skills and all my colleagues remained very supportive throughout my time here. I really feel honored to be a valuable part of your organization. I wish to demonstrate the same expertise and competency in my next job. You have a special place in my heart that can never be replaced with anyone as you are my advisor and confidant and I will always foresee your advice and counseling.


This message aims to praise you for all the things that you have installed in me in becoming a great person. I am resigning by the 8th of this month and writing this message with tears in my eyes as I do not want to leave this prestigious organization. I was compelled by the circumstances to resign on an immediate basis. As you know well that at the start of next month, my exams are starting and due to a busy work schedule I couldn’t focus on my studies and was left behind. Before resigning, I just want to cherish you for being so majestic, sublime, and exemplary personality.

During my tenure there I learned numerous things that will be really helpful for me in my professional growth and its credit only goes to you. Without your efforts, I couldn’t have achieved all this. I want to extend my gratitude to you for being a wonderful mentor and guide for assisting me through thick and thin. I want to say you to be in touch with me. I will visit you off and on in my free time.


Please accept this message as my resignation message for the post of an executive manager. I have been given the opportunity for becoming a branch manager in the XYZ organization. After deep consultancy, I am of the view that I should avail this window of opportunity as It will be very fortunate in polishing my career. It was always a great pleasure for me to work with you. I will remember this time as one of the best times of my professional career.

I socialized with you in motorizing financial systems, balance, and accounting of Hamilton’s organization. This organization is imperturbable for inexorable germinating. Moreover, I will also remain available after my resignation to train my substitution. I will make sure to corroborate all the delineation to refurbish before 7th February. I would also like to thank Miss Jain for providing me with assistance and support during my tenure here. I am sending my best wishes to you and my coworkers for future ventures. I will greatly miss working with you in this esteemed corporation.


I want to take a moment through this message to let you notify that I am resigning from my position of executive assistant today. I have been offered a new position in XYZ Corporation and I thought to must avail myself of this window of opportunity. I enjoyed my time here and I appreciate the efforts of my all coworkers for assisting me in tough times. Thank you for all the encouragement, guidance, and support I was provided here. I will miss working with all of you. I am looking forward to accepting new challenges and tasks at the start of my new career.

Goodbye messages after resignation

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