Messages of Remorse and Regret


Dear Samantha, I never thought things would end between us like this. But God has His own plans. I deeply regret the way I made you feel time and time again. Hopefully there’ll be gardens of flowers for you in the future. Have a great life ahead.


Hey Olivia, I tried my best to come to your wedding, but I just couldn’t set the reminder prior to the date. I’m regretting the fact that even my cell phone decided to die on me the next day when I had to set the reminder. Days passed and I forgot. Now that I remember that you must have gotten married two days ago, I really regret forgetting it. See you at the cafe today!


Morning Mrs. Oliver. I regret to inform you that your child Harris Oliver has failed 4th grade miserably. We tried our best and so did he. I think it’s best if you could get him some sort of tutoring at home. Please contact me for more information asap.


Good evening, Haywood. I regret to inform you that your grandfather died 20 minutes ago. We tried our level best to save his life, but the angel of death had his own plans. We have been trying to reach you and your wife ever since through a phone call but there’s no answer. Please call the hospital as soon as you see this message so we can discuss his funeral.


Hi Savannah. Please accept my deepest apologies and regret your breakup with Demondre. I know you two had plans to get married this summer, but life doesn’t go as we plan sometimes. Remember! There’s more fish in the sea. Keep shining, keep striving.


Hey Coraline. I know that you wanted to go to this new restaurant in town this evening, but I regret to inform you that my nephew is ill. He’s in the ER right now and I cannot afford to go anywhere else besides staying by him. We will plan some other day. Stay in touch!


Hey Oscar. I’m sending this message in full remorse and regret as I saw your 9 years old cat die in a car accident. Right now, I’ve called the police and they’re investigating the hit and run. Hopefully you’ll remain calm in this terrible time. See you soon!


This message is for my ex-love Samantha Jones. I know we all make mistakes, but I deeply regret this one mistake I’ve made which is losing you! I wish you could find it in your heart to forgive me otherwise the remorse in me will just keep growing. Please call me as soon as you see this message.


My darling niece, I’m writing in regret as I heard you’re very upset about the loss of your older auntie. Remember, I’m always here for you if you need anything or anyone. Although we’re miles apart, you’re always close to my heart. I will come in summer, and we can reunite and rewind the memories of last summer with your other auntie. Cheer up!

Message of remorse and regret

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