Funny Maternity Leave Messages & SMS


Hey Katie! I heard there’s a bun in the oven. Keep it warm girl, we only want to see it when it’s fully developed into a cheese bread! Ha-ha, jokes aside, happy maternity leave! Hope you have a safe delivery. See you at the office soon.


One advice I’ll give you on your maternity leave is to be a bad parent. Yes, you read that right. Be a bad parent and your kids will move out sooner than you want. Just kidding! Praying you have a good time with your little one. Spend each day considering it precious as these days will never return and all you’ll have is memories. Don’t worry about the office work, it’s all handled.


Oh dear! Here comes another human on this devastated universe only to increase population and experience the traumas of life. Ok I’m sorry for being too honest jokingly. Wish you all the best for your safe delivery and maternity leave. Have a great time bonding with this tiny human you can call all yours!


Hey Samantha! Heard you’re on maternity leave! I could’ve never guessed you hid a whole human inside you all these months! Kudos to you for being undercover, lol. Anyway, I hope this baby brings more joy to your life and you come back to the office soon.


Congrats on your baby! And welcome to motherhood which just basically means it’s an end to your freedom. Now all your attention, affection, time, and freedom will be given to this tiny human. I don’t mean to scare Ya, but you chose this life. Jokes aside, happy Mother’s Day and happy baby’s day as well.


Welcome to motherhood girl! I cannot believe you’re on maternity leave. Miss you at work. We’re all with you in these times. When I say we I mean constant body aches, nausea, bloating, depression as well as acne, fatigue, back aches and so on. Just know ‘we’ won’t ever leave your side now! Good luck!!


Congrats on your maternity leave Sammie. I hope you have a wonderful time although it will be a time full of wonders. You have to find your rays of sunshine in this storm. Although it’s all stormy from here, no rainbows or sunshine, I’m sorry. Still wishing you the best and a safe maternity leave.


Wow so you’re pregnant and on maternity leave now huh. Or should I say you’re now riding a rollercoaster with no seatbelt on. I’m happy for this ride of yours, this certainly isn’t for me. I’ll be at the end of the roller coaster waiting for you if you ever fall or decide to jump off yourself. Have a stable, I mean safe maternity leave. See You soon!


Oh my God you’re on maternity leave!! Samantha, I wish you’d told me earlier so I had begged you not to get pregnant. Oh, how I wish we could rewind time at this day and age now. Just kidding! I know you’ll be a great mother; you’ve always been one for all of us at work anyway. Best of luck!

Funny maternity leave message

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