Message from Parents Complaining Bad Condition of Toilets at School

Yesterday I visited the school to attend the parent-teacher meeting, my son had to go to the toilet. When I went there I was shocked. The condition of the toilet was quite miserable. It was stinking badly; the urinals were blocked and the tap in the toilet was broken. I stood there for a while and asked my son to use the toilet at home. My children told me about the condition of the toilet, but I never focused on their complaint as I thought the overall school is maintained then why toilets are so dirty. It is my humble request, kindly focus on the school toilets because the dirty toilets are home of germs and cause serious ailments in the children. I hope that your administration will give a positive response to my request and will work on it.


My child reading in the nursing class daily comes with wet pent. When I asked him why he does not use a toilet. He complains about the poor condition of a toilet. He says he went there; the commode was too much dirt that he vomits out because of the bad smell. That’s why he avoids going toilet.

To confirm he complains, I visited the school yesterday and went to the toilet. I was very much disappointed, not only the commodes were dirty, but the urinals were also filled and the sink taps were not working. Even the tap pipes were broken.

I was astonished to see that even there was the layer of dust on the floor that means sweepers do not regularly wash the toilet. Your school is well reputed in the town, kindly pay attention in the cleanliness as well as maintenance of the washrooms so that pupil feels easy to use them. Otherwise, it may create serious health problems in the children.


I am writing this message to inform you about the bad condition of the toilets. The shrank and the taps of the toilet are not working properly. The seat of the commode is broken and one cannot use it comfortably. Along with there is no cleaning present and floors are dirty. One cannot use the toilet without placing a handkerchief on the nose. There is too much smell and I felt nausea. I request you to pay attention to the toilets so that children can use them. Also, paste the guidelines, whoever uses it must properly drain and shower the commode so that toilets remain clean. The sweepers must also clean the washroom time to time to maintain the sanitation of the toilets.

My daughter is complaining about the bad toilet conditions for one week. First, I ignored and said that maybe sweeper is on leave, but now it’s one week and no one is paying attention to the cleanliness of the toilet. She says there is a bad smell of urine and feces so that she and her class fellows avoid using it. Along with there is no water in the taps and they feel difficulty in washing hands. I request you to please check the condition and solve the problem so that children can use the toilet.

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