Sorry Messages from Student to Class Teacher

I feel ashamed for what I have done in the class in front of all other students. That was so bad and I really deserve a punishment for that act. It was totally my fault when I think back. No other reasons could support this as it has all done by me. I hope that you would understand me and forgive me as I am a child in front of you. My Mom and Dad got very angry on my act and they asked me to personally ask you for the forgiveness of this deed. All my friends are embarrassed on my act and they think that I should apologize. So, kindly forgive me and believe that it would not happen again.

It is very difficult for me to find out the words that best suit for this apology. Nowadays, I have some tension in my home, I was very depressed because of that. In the history lecture, I was not in my senses and was thinking something else, so I misbehaved with you. I am ashamed of the mistake I did. I feel sorry for this and ask for forgiveness for this act. I know it’s very hard for you to forgive and forget, but I do not have any option. You are my favorite teacher and I have done all this because of my bad circumstances.

Really, it’s been a blunder that has been done by me in the last period. I am embarrassed by my mistake and cannot explain my situation. I was suffering from fever and just waiting for ending of the class. I know you have shown so much respect towards me and that I do not deserve. You are such a great person I have ever seen in my life. You never insulted me even when I am wrong. But this time, I really want that you accept my apology as I did so erroneously with you by misbehaving.

For being the class teacher, you deserve a lot more respect than other teachers. Besides giving education, you have guided me throughout my life. I am still having guilt inside and feel sorry from the core of my heart for what I have done with you. Though I don’t deserve it, try to forgive me as I really hurt your feelings. I feel great shame for what I have done.

All the classmates got flared up and that was just because of me as I have given the idea to fight for their rights, but when I come to know that I was wrong, it really disappointed me. You do not know this fact that all the students were protesting just because of my suggestion, but I feel great sorry and guilt from inside because of my deed. I hope you would understand my situation and would take out an exception forgiving me. Really, I didn’t know about the exact situation. Once again sorry and will try this will never happen again.

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