Loose Motion Leave Messages


Most respectfully it is stated that since yesterday I am not feeling well and unable to come to the school meeting today. I went out with my family yesterday for dinner where I was presented expired food and my stomach got upset after that. Due to food poisoning, I have loose motion and using the bathroom frequently. I want two days’ leave for rest. Kindly ponder over my condition and sanction me two days’ leave.


I am writing this message to let you know that for a couple of days I was not feeling well. Initially, I thought that it might be due to some workload or stress. I had a fast-food last night which caused a disturbance in my stomach and resulted in loose motion. For the reason mentioned above, I am in a condition to attend office today. The doctor has suggested few days till I fully recover. Moreover, traveling can cause further illness to my current condition. My medical certificate is attached with this message so you may have look at his opinion. Kindly grant me leave for three days so may I do away with this illness.


This message is to inform you that since yesterday, I have got loose motion and I have to go to washroom repeatedly. Although, I have taken medicine still I am having a weakness. Therefore, I cannot come to the office. Kindly, grant me permission for two days’ leave.


Kindly be informed that due to severe food poisoning and loose motion I cannot come office today. I try to take a healthy diet for controlling my protein portion but unfortunately, at last night’s birthday party I ate unhealthy food due to which I have loose motion several times. I have sought a doctor and he has prescribed to rest for two days. Kindly sanction me for two days’ leave. I will be highly obliged to you for this favor.


Sir, I am a student in grade eight in your school. For the last two days, I have loose motion and it has made me very weak. Because of this reason I am unable to come to school. Kindly allow me to leave for three days.


I am writing this message to let you inform about my illness. At yesterday’s office party, I overate and got upset. When I reached home then I had severe pain in my stomach and got diarrhea. I remained admitted to the hospital all night and will be here for the next two days. Therefore, I cannot attend office until I get discharged. For your convenience I have attached my medical certificate with this message, after that, you will have a better understanding of my situation.


I have been suffering from food poisoning at a family function and have vomiting issues and loose motion. The doctor has given me medicine and I am taking it regularly. In this situation, it is impossible for me to come to college today. I hope you will understand my situation. So, kindly give me permission for two days’ leave.


Sir, I want to let you know through this message that I have got diarrhea and frequent loose motion. Due to this reason, it is very difficult for me to travel and come to the office. You can appoint Mr. Linda at my place so he may run the ongoing project for today.


I am extremely sorry sir for not coming to the workplace today due to continuous loose motion. I have sought a consultant and he has prescribed medicines and complete rest for a day. I can be accessible through email, and I have asked Mr. Smith to handle today’s meeting.


I apologize to you for not making it to the office today due to a loose motion. I cannot travel in this situation and using the bathroom frequently. I am taking medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Therefore, I request you to sanction me for one day’s leave. Thank you.

Loose motion leave message

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