Casual Leave Messages


Hi sir, I want to inform you that I will not come today. My mother got a heart attack and I am in hospital now with her. As I am her only child and no one is here to attend to her so I must be with her for her facilitation. I know today was an important meeting and my presence was essential. I have guided my coordinator who will attend the meeting and discuss everything with the client. I assure you will manage everything in a good way. I hope you understand and accept my leave for today. I hope she will be fine and I will come to the office tomorrow. Thanks in advance for granting a one-day leave.


Hi sir, I hope you are fine. Sir, I will not come tomorrow. I got news of my uncle’s death. Tomorrow is his funeral and I have to go out of the city. He was not just my uncle rather my good friend. I have spent a lot of time with him. He was my companion. Therefore, I have to go to his place for his funeral. I hope you cooperate and accept my leave. I have given instructions to Patrick, he will report about the ongoing project. I have almost completed the work and just need to finalize it. My colleague will finalize and submit it to you. Thank you for waiting for the reply.


Dear sir, hope you are doing well. Sir, I will not come today. My wife is expecting but due to some emergency doctor has decided to operate as there is a danger to the baby’s life. Due to this issue, the doctor will C-section and try to save the baby and mother’s life. I am going to take her to the hospital and will not able to come to the office tomorrow. I hope you will accept my leave. I know tomorrow I have to submit the project report. I have talked to my team coordinator; she will finalize it and send the email to the supervisor. Thank you in advance for the leave.


Hi ma’am it is hereby to inform you I will not come today. There is an emergency at my home. My presence is important as the issue is critical. My other family members are also coming and want to try to resolve the issue. It’s my promise that I will email the task from home. As soon as I will get free, I will complete and send 001you it. I am sure you will accept my leave and understand my problem.


Dear sir, I hope you are well. Sir, I will not come tomorrow as I have to go to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin. He lives in another city. He is my childhood buddy and I don’t want to miss the event. As of today, we have completed our project and a new one will be started by next week so tomorrow is sort of a free day. So kindly accept my leave. Thank you in advance.

Casual leave message

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