Leave Messages to Boss Due to Exams


It is stated abjectly that I am working as a library assistant in your office and have tried my level best to pay justice to my job. I am pursuing a philosophies degree along with my current job at Manchester University in the evening shift. The subjects of my course are very alike to my current job. I have got a certificate of No Objection from the head of the institute. From the start of next month, my exams are going to be conducted and for this purpose, I want two weeks’ leave. Therefore, I request you to kindly sanction my leave request from 03-08-20XX to 16-08-20XX. I have attached my examination schedule with this message. I will be thankful to you for the favor.


With due respect, I would like to let you notify that my MBA exams are starting from the 3rd of the coming month. I have informed you beforehand about this. It is very necessary for me to give these exams as my future solely depends on them so may I get a promotion. I want fifteen days to leave for this purpose hence I will be able to focus properly on exams preparation. I hope that you will give me a positive response.


With the greatest civility, this message is to bring to your notice that I want three weeks’ leave on account of engineering exams that are starting from next week. I am working currently as a manager assistant in your good office. I want to leave tomorrow as it requires at least one week to revise all the syllabus for exams as I did not find time along with my job to revise all the syllabus. I had enrolled myself in this program two years ago. To compensate for the work during my absence I will work extra hours when I will be back in the office. Mr. George can handle my work during my absence. I will be very thankful to you for co-operating with me during exams.


I am writing this to notify you about my upcoming exams that are starting on the 15th of this month, and I want at least three weeks’ leave for this purpose. My current job in your office is as a directing manager and I have informed Mr. Peter, the head of the department, beforehand that I have taken admission in the post-graduation program, and I will need leaves for exams. Therefore, I want to make a request for allowing me to leave. I hope that my request will be considered.


With due reverence it is stated that I am working as communicating manager in your office I am also getting an engineering degree along with my current job. I could not give exams last time due to viral infection and it resulted in the extension of one semester, and I paid extra fees for it. Now I have my exams next week and I have not revised a word for its preparation. I want two weeks’ leave to attend exams and I request you to sanction me leave for the said period. I will be highly thankful to you for this consideration.


This message is to take permission from you regarding the leave due to exams that are going to start from next Monday. I have taken admission to Brooklyn University in the graduation program, and I have to make myself prepared for the exams. For this reason, I want ten days’ leave so may I give proper attention to exams. For your satisfaction, the exams schedule sheet is attached along with this message. I will be obliged to you for this favor.

Leave message to boss due to exams

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