Apology Messages to Teacher for Making Noise in Online Class


I am Eldon Hathaway and read in grade 9th in ABC School. This message is an apology regarding my misbehavior for making noise in an online class. This happened on 3rd November during Miss Martha’s English class. I admit that my behavior was disrespectful and it was annoying for other classmates too. It was an uncivil act that was distracting everyone. I am extremely shameful for muddling the class atmosphere and I make sure that I will not repeat such an act again. Kindly pardon my stupidity and consider my apology. In fact, if you will allow, I will express regret in front of the whole class. I once again ask forgiveness with full remorse and look forward to your dispensation.


This message is being written as a sincere apology for disturbing the class atmosphere by making noise during an online class. I am apologetic, and a student of 7th grade in your school. This occurred in Chemistry’s lecture when Miss Neil was marking our attendance and sudden noise from my side disrupted the teacher as well as my fellows. This act will not be repeated again, and I request you to accept my apology and pardon me for the same. I shall be grateful to you.


I am writing this message with great culpability and remorse. I know well your love for all of us and instead, for being thankful I made you feel uncomfortable with my rude behavior and speaking loudly. You have always been a kind and supportive teacher and I truly value you. I know how much nuisance has been caused due to my misbehavior and disturbed the decorum of class too. I will not provide any justification and veritably I feel blameworthy for my exertions. Kindly forgive me. This misconduct has also given me the realization that how much there is room for improvement. I will work to improve myself and to become a finer person.


With due respect, this message has been written to make a sincere apology regarding my immature behavior in online class yesterday. It was done on the spur of the moment and was totally inadvertent. I know well that this kind of behavior is not acceptable at all and I am really embarrassed over it. I assure you that for next I will remain a diligent student but for this time kindly accept my apology. I will be highly thankful to you for giving me the favor.


I am apologetic regarding my other day’s nonsense attitude during an online class. Such tantrum was needless from my side and I admit that this attitude was very disrespectful. This incident has really made me shameful and I wholeheartedly admit my guilt.


I am sorry for disturbing the class atmosphere by not paying heed to lectures and making noise. I did not know what made me do this as I have never done this kind of activity during any class and later, I realized my mistake that my behavior was very inappropriate. Each time I think about it I find myself shameful. I have great respect for my teachers and I do not want to repeat this kind of action again. Kindly accept my apology and take it into consideration.


After attending today’s class of yours I discerned that I have done wrong by screaming in the class when you were correcting me and then you left the online class. I felt much ashamed, and I did not have the etiquette to apologize to you physically, therefore I am seeking an apology through a message for affliction provoked in any way. For my unwanted behavior, I am really sorry, and I promise that this act will not be repeated again. Please forgive my foolishness and consider my apologies. I hope you will forgive me for considering this message.


I hereby submit my apology to you for your rude behavior and for talking loudly in an online class. I love attending your classes, therefore this thing not letting me sit easily. I have realized now that my rude comments have really disturbed you. I am highly regretful and want you to give me another chance to improve myself. I promise that this act will not get repeated. Please forgive me.

Apology Message to Teacher for Making Noise in Online Class

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