Leave Messages to Boss for Sick


This morning I woke up having severe headache and flu and from today I have to be on recommended medication. Because of this, I need to take two days of sick leave so may I take some rest and hopefully will recover soon. I make it certain that by the end of this month, I will accomplish all the assigned projects and tasks. Mr. Arthur can cover for me during my absence. For any assistance, I can be available via email. I will keep updating you about my condition and hopefully will be back to work after a few days. Thank you for considering my request.


It is very sad and infelicitous to inform you that I cannot make it today to come to the office. I am highly apologetic in advance for the inconvenience it may cause. Last night I was at a friend’s party where I overate and coming back to home I got high fever and body ache. I am still in the agony of pain and due to the intensity of the weather, I have got a throat infection. I have consulted a doctor and he has prescribed me a few days’ complete rest. I request you therefore to grant me a few days’ leaves. I have attached a doctor’s prescription for you to go through it along with this message. I am hopeful that you will consider my current situation.


Kindly accept this message as my sick leave from the office. I have been suffering from a cold cough and stomachache since last Wednesday. I was of the view that I will get better with time and came to the workplace regularly. Since yesterday, the situation has become more problematic for me and I am feeling very low. It would be impossible for me to attend the office today as I have an appointment with the doctor. I have been suggested proper rest and a few days’ break from the office as this is the only possible way I can regain my health. I have been immensely stunned by weakness. I am hopeful that you will comprehend my leave request.


This message aims to inform you about my leave from the workplace for two weeks as I am not doing well. I have been in severe back pain which has made me unable to sit properly. My back has been sprained and I have been admitted to hospital since yesterday. Doctors have prescribed me complete bed rest and I cannot come to the office until I get discharged. I had a meeting with the project manager today but due to my current situation, I cannot come. I contacted Mr. Arthur and he is willing to take over my project details and can handle the situation well. I cannot remain available via phone call or email as I have been prohibited to use a mobile phone and laptop. I have attached a doctor’s note with this message. It would be a great favor for me if you accept my leave request.


I woke up today’s morning having a sore throat and a high fever. After consulting the doctor, I am on prescribed medication. It is not possible for me to come to the office with an ailment. Therefore, I am asking for sick leave so may I be able to take rest and recover soon. I know well that I have to accomplish a lot of pending tasks. But I assure you, within three weeks, I will complete all the tasks before our meeting with the head of the department. I am sorry for providing inconvenience during my absence but I can remain available via slack and email to provide any kind of assistance. I assure you that soon I will join the office. Thanks a bunch for taking into account my request.


Respected Sir, hope you have been doing well. I am writing this message to inform you about my bad health. Today’s morning I was getting ready for the office and fell down from stairs which resulted in a sprained ankle. I cannot take even a single step on my own. After initial aid doctors have admitted me to the hospital to do some tests and hopefully I will be discharged today. I cannot attend office until I become able to walk properly. Therefore, I request you to sanction me one week’s leave and I will find enough time to take proper care and rest. My X-Ray report is attached with this message. I hope you will understand my situation and will assist me.

Leave message to boss for sick

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