I am taking half day leave messages


Dear boss, I have been feeling uncomfortable since I came in this morning because of my ongoing food poisoning situation. I came to work despite my health condition as I thought to complete my pending work but now my stomachache has increased. Therefore, I am taking a half-day leave today for the rest of the official work hours. I will join back tomorrow and complete the pending tasks.


Dear Ma’am, I am having a severe headache out of nowhere and it’s been two hours since this situation. I have taken all the medications I can but it’s not going away. Hence, I am informing you that I am taking half day leave now. I’ll make sure to complete the leftover work due on me tomorrow. I appreciate your cooperation.


Dear Max, I just received an emergency call from home asking me to get home immediately as my wife fell from the stairs and broke her wrist. I have no other option but to take a half-day leave on an urgent basis to take my wife to the hospital. I will ensure the completion of due tasks for me tomorrow.


Rebecca, just now I received a call from my son’s school as he had a rift with his classmate. The school principal has summoned me urgently on an emergency basis to solve the issue. Therefore, I am taking a half-day leave for three official remaining hours. I promise you I’d be back tomorrow on time and finish the due work.


Respected boss, I was on the verge of completing the project you handed me over today when I received my father’s call from the hospital. My mother has fallen seriously ill, and I must go to help my parents immediately. Please accept my half-day leave request as it’s a family emergency. I promise you I’ll complete the project tomorrow.


Dear Elizabeth, I have been feeling unwell since last night, but I still came to work thinking I could still perform well. However, my body has started to give up as I am feeling restless and my body aches now. Therefore, I am taking half day leave now so I could take some rest and get back to work all fresh tomorrow. I truly appreciate your cooperation with me.


Dear Angelina, my energy has started to wear out as I am still suffering from post-covid side effects. I am unable to perform well today and hence I am taking half day leave now. I hope you will understand my condition. I intend to complete my work tomorrow.


Dear boss, covid-19 has really weakened me even when I am no longer a patient. I am feeling tired and restless. Please allow me to take a half-day leave so I could go home and rest properly and return home fresh tomorrow. I thank you for understanding this.

I am taking half day leave messages

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