Condolence Messages for Loss of Father


Dear Jacqueline, I am writing this message to express my deepest condolences on the demise of your father. My family is also sending their prayers and sincere thoughts to your family at this tough moment of your life. I had not the idea that your father is not doing well as I always found him in good health. I will always remember him as a man of great virtuous and compassionate nature towards his employees. He was a man of high moral values and was respected equally in his community as well as in his profession. His good deeds helped many poor people in changing their lives. You are truly fortunate that you had been blessed with such a lovely father. As you know that my father also passed away last year so I can understand your pain. My comfort cannot be enough to replace the loss of your father. May he be blessed with eternal peace.


This news made me really saddened to learn about the sudden death of your father. At this toughest hour, I request you to be calm and consider it God’s will. I know that his loss cannot be cured but it can be endured as it is not in our hands, and these are the decisions of Almighty. Please do not consider yourself alone as I am with you. I really loved the loving nature of your father and he always wanted to see you taking his business towards skies heights. I hope that you will try your level best to fulfill his dream and may Almighty bring you and your family the strength and solace to bear this loss.


Words cannot describe my feelings as I am writing this message with tears in my eyes after I came to know the demise of your father. I became shocked and astonished when I got this news, and it was difficult for me to believe it. I had this chance to meet him few days ago and he seemed so healthy and cheerful. I was not believing in my ears, and I wished this news to be false. I always loved your father like my own father, and I will really miss him whenever I will visit you. At this darkest hour, I am with you and your family, and I can understand the level of your suffering. May God bless him with eternal peace and give all of you the strength to bear this irreparable loss. My parents are also conveying their heartful condolence to your family.


I am really shocked and astonished to know the sudden death of your father. You were already in the trauma of your mother’s death and your father death has made you completely shattered and broken. We cannot do anything in this regard as it is all in God’s hands. This is the law of nature that whoever has come in this world will ultimately taste death. In these circumstances, you have to face all this with great strength, determination and courage. I cannot give you anything except solace and I pray to almighty to bestow you with energy to brush up the adverse situation that you are confronting now. I pray to Almighty for giving tranquility and peace to the soul of your father as he is in his heavenly abode now.


Please accept my deepest condolences at the unexpected demise of your beloved father. I know that this is very tough time for you, and I just want to let you know that I am always here for you whenever you need me. Your father was highly respected man and was loved by all. His presence will be missed in the community.


I just came to know from Stalin regarding the death of your father in a car accident yesterday. He has done many great deeds and was loved by all. I don’t know what to write in this message as I have no words to express my sorrow. I will always remember his kindness and loving nature. Sending my condolence to your family for your great loss.


Losing a parent paves the way for such empty place that can never be replaced with anyone. But it is in the hands of God, and we have been made to follow his commands. Kindly accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of your father. May God provide you the strength to bear this loss.


I am extremely sorry for great loss of your father. I cannot imagine the agony and affliction you are currently feeling. He was highly respectable man and i still remember the time when he used to help us in making physics assignments. He was bestowed with affectionate nature, and everyone used to love him for this. After your father, you are the eldest amongst your siblings and seeing you weeping they will feel weak. I am here to provide all kind of assistance to you. May Almighty made his final journey easy for him.


Dear Macpherson, I have come to know about your father’s death yesterday and it has really made me shocked. It was very difficult for me to believe this as I had him last Friday at your place. I always regarded your father like my own father, and he too used to love me a lot. As a father, he was always there for you to provide any kind of assistance. He could not see you in trouble. You have lost a best friend in form of your father. I am sending my condolences and sympathies to you and your family and I am always there for you in your difficult time.

Condolence Message for Loss of Father

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