Get Well Soon Messages to Various People


Dear Samantha, I wish you nothing but goodness in health and wealth. This too shall pass, and you’ll be among us very soon being the heart of our group. See you soon on the other fun side of the hospital.


Hey there Angela! I heard your test came out positive for Covid-19. Remember to take things slow and remain calm, after all, you’re vaccinated, and I know you will fight this disease like the strong woman you are. Stay sane!


Your illness may seem like it will never end since it’s been quite some time since you’ve been diagnosed with it. But remember, the warmest sun rays always come through from the darkest clouds. There’s always sunshine after a thunderstorm and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope you get to see it quicker than you expect!


My love Matthew! I find it my ultimate duty to remind you that you’re going to be perfectly ok. You’ve always been a brave man from as far as I remember. Marrying me was one of the bravest things you did anyway. Jokes aside, I love you very much and I hope you flourish and get healthy soon with the immense love I’m showering upon you.


I miss your infectious laughter that fills up the room with light. May the same light shine upon you so you get well soon.


When I said through sickness and health in our marriage vows, I meant it. You’re ill but I’m here and I will always be by your side to prove to you that I meant every single word of our wedding vows. You are the most special person in my life, after our doggo of course. Just kidding, the dog misses you very much, please get well soon.


Time and time again we are reminded to seize every moment and live in it solely for the purpose of memories and love. Now that you’re ill, I’m reminded of the fun times we’ve been having together but never got a moment to sit down and thank God for them. Seeing you at the hospital reminded me of our cool, energetic, and fun memories, I wish nothing but health and more time for you so we can enjoy once again. But this time, with gratitude and living every second.


Sending you my love and prayers all the way from Wisconsin. I know I’m not physically there at the moment, but in my thoughts, I’ve changed your sheets, brushed your hair, and spilled the water on your floor already. Whoopsies! Get well soon my dear.


I just want to remind you today that you’ll soon be better and, on your feet, running around once again. You’re just moving towards a quick and healthy recovery. Stay positive and let only good words enter your room which means, do not allow Rebecca near you. I repeat, do not allow Rebecca near you.


Get well soon my love! The biggest medicine is love and friendship. So, I’m sending you some flowers your way. I’ll see you soon and hopefully, you’ll have that special beautiful smile on your face once again.

Get well soon message

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