Annual Leave Messages to Boss


Respected sir, as per your company policy of 3 consecutive days of annual leaves, I’m humbly requesting you to allow me these leaves. If I take the days off this week, there’s less potential for a crisis as I’ve done double the work than in any other week. Since today is Tuesday, kindly allow me to leave from Wednesday to Friday. I shall be back on Monday, all refreshed and ready to put in more effort. Thank you!


Dear sir, this is Haywood O’Hare messaging to inform you about my annual leaves coming up. I’m doing as much work as possible this week so I can take the days off from the next one. All the work is going as smoothly as possible and hopefully, it’ll be the same when I come back. Thank you in advance for accepting my leave request on such short notice.


Dear Mr. Vandyke, I’m sending this message from my personal number to inform you about my annual leave. The year is ending, and I have yet to use my leaves that are approved for everyone as per company policy. Kindly allow me to take the days off from Oct 7th, 20XX to Oct 11th, 20XX. In case of emergency, please contact me at this number. Thank you.


Dear Miss Ana, I hope you’re doing well. I realized the time to consume my annual leave has come. I shall be very grateful if you let me take leave from Oct. 5th, 20XX to Oct. 9th,20XX as I have planned my Bali, Indonesia trip. This will let me explore nature and freshen up with my dog, Carter. I’m looking forward to hearing your approval.


Respected Mrs. Homer, I’m sending this message from my personal number to remind you my annual leave is starting tomorrow for 10 days. I will be enjoying my time in the Bahamas, and I hope you understand that my work email and phone won’t be with me. Kindly contact me on this number if there’s some urgent work.


Respected Miss Olivia, I hope you are doing great. I wanted to send you a message to remind you to please consider the annual leave application that I gave last week. I do not have much time to book a flight back home if I don’t hear a response from you soon. Please make it your top priority and consider giving me some days off as per company policy. I shall be very thankful to you.


Dear Miss Ana Bells, I hope you’re doing well. I have done all the work including the extra with new clients that were due the next week. I took very little time off during my office hours during the break, too. I paid more attention to work as well as spending an hour extra every day from the past 10 days just so I can get my annual leave starting from tomorrow. I hope you consider this a humble request to let me be off from tomorrow until Oct. 12th,20XX. I’m going to Africa for these 10 days with my parents to experience the wildlife adventure. I won’t be able to see or reply to any work-related emails. But I’ll be on time at work on Oct. 13th,20XX. Thank you!

Annual leave message to boss

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