Thank You Message for Flowers and Cookies


Tons of thanks Dutch for sending the yummiest cookies and flowers on my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise for me and I really like chocolate chip cookies. I ate them just in one sitting and you are welcome to send me more cookies at any time for next.


I owe you for your affection and care towards me. Yesterday you dropped off vanilla cookies at my place and made my day. Your present alleviated me in raising my spirits. Bundle of thanks to you for keeping me in your mind.


The chocolate chip cookies you made with your hands for me on my wedding anniversary were really amazing and mouth-watering. I adored every bite of it and I really appraise your efforts that you still remember my likes and dislikes.


Thanks a bunch, Christopher for sending me a cookies plate on my birthday. Stalin and George eagerly await each year for your handmade cookies. They enjoy every bite of it with their special drink. They were asking me to ask the recipe from you so may I make cookies daily for them. I will visit your place and we will have a fantastic time together.


Hello Sylvia, the cookies you sent on Christmas were so bewildering and flavorsome this year too. Thank you for the beautiful presentation and bouquet of flowers. I really like your surprises every year. The heart-shaped flowers were my favorite ones.


I really got much happy when you came to visit me far from Brooklyn and also gave me flowers bouquet made me feel fresh and blooming. I have a great love for carnations and they all were my favorite. Each time I see them I appreciate your choice.


The flowers you sent me on my birthday made me really happy. I was not expecting this from you. They are wonderful, lovely, and mesmerizing, and especially rose flowers were my favorite. It reminds me of you each time I look at them and I am thankful that you thought of me on my special day. Their fragrance has increased the beauty of my room and I love spending time in my room.


You are an expert in making cookies and everyone knows it. You made my Christmas delicious this year by sending dozens of vanilla and chocolate cookies and especially heart-shaped cookies were my favorite. Thanks a lot for thinking of me. Thanks, Hazel for making the yummiest cookies for me, and I have eaten all of them and enjoyed every bite of them. You have great taste in your hands. Thanks for making my birthday a mesmerizing one. I cannot thank you enough for this. Keep making my favorite cookies.


Hello Martin, I hope this message finds you well. I am penning down this message to pay my gratitude to you for making amazing cookies at my graduation party. Everyone at my place knows how expert you are in making delicious and amazing chocolate cookies and they eagerly wait to have a piece of it. I will visit your place next week and you have to make my favorite cookies. I have a lot of things to share with you and we will discuss them all in detail. Thanks once again.


Parting ways from each other has always been a tough one and I thank you for making my last day in the office a special one with your fantastic handmade cookies. I really liked the shape of the cookies and especially the red ones stole my heart. I am definitely going to miss you.


Dear Adam, I was truly amazed after receiving a flowers bouquet from you at my birthday party. I was not expecting that you will come far from New Jersey to attend my party and I am highly beholden to you for making my day special. I really adore your friendship and want to be in long-term relations with you. Thanks for always making me feel f resh and calm. Thanks for being an amazing champ.


It was definitely a wonderful surprise for me to receive flowers from you. I love all kinds of flowers. Not only did you send peonies but also you kept in mind my favorite color. You are truly an exuberant person. Bundle of thanks to you for irradiating my day. I love you for remembering me and not making me feel alone.


My room gives a warm and clubby look with your daisies basket and I have kept them on my study table. I am obliged to you for giving me flowers and they make me feel fresh each time I look at them.


Thank you for thinking of me on my wedding anniversary and sending me a surprised basket of cookies and daisies. I love all of them and appreciate the endeavors you put in to find my favorite cookies. I really like the frosting and especially strawberry cookies were my favorite ones. They helped me in feeling extraordinary.

Thank you message for flowers and cookies

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