Farewell Messages to Senior


I would like to take a moment to let you know that I am feeling very sad as you are leaving this organization. I came to know through Jane that you are moving to Canada along with your family. I would like to thank you for our friendship and experience that we shared and the good time we spent together. It was really appreciated and rewarding working with you. During my tough times you extended your help to me, and I cannot forget this. I had this wish to work alongside you for many years to come. I cannot describe my gratitude in words, but I sincerely pray that one day we will work again together. It doesn’t mean that you are saying goodbye for forever, we can still be contacted through email or personal phone number. Thank you once again for being supportive.


I would like to take the great opportunity to say thanks to you for bestowing me the wonderful opportunity to work under your surveillance and guidance. The knowledge and skills you have imparted in me have been very beneficial for me in gaining exceptional work proficiency. I want to be in touch with you despite our being last working day together. We can remain in touch via phone number or email as often as possible. I wish you great success, prosperity, and better job opportunities in your life to come.


I am writing this message with much humility and gladness to thank you. I am grateful to you for providing me indescribable opportunity for working as assistant manager in your organization. As you know well that it is my last working day in ABC organization. I cannot say goodbye without letting you know that how much it meant to me to learn from you. I would also like to let you know that I am joining as manager operation in ABC organization as their new head. All this happened because of the platform you provided to me and for this I will always remain indebted to you.

I wish you and all the other employees very good luck and may you prosper and take this company towards sky’s heights. I would like to request you to please remain in contact with me whenever possible. It would be matter of great pleasure for me to remain in continued interaction.


Hello Mr. Sardin, hope you have been doing well. It is my last working day in ABC organization, and I have got new job opportunity as team manager in recording media. I must admit that after getting this opportunity I am feeling very proud. It has only been possible because of the skill development and professional growth that have been offered to me in this organization. I cannot describe in words my experience that I got working with you as a valuable team member in this organization. I got to know all the central key points necessary for being an effective member.

With the help of your positive attitude and cooperation all this became possible. I am going to miss wonderful moment that we have spent together and looking forward for continued interactions and communication. I wish you and our entire team good luck in their future endeavors and hope to remain in touch with all of you often.


Today is my last working day in ABC corporation. I would like to spare a moment to thank you for the bonding we have developed over the years. I will never forget our never-ending friendship and looking forward to having more opportunities to work alongside you in future. I am grateful especially for the skills and knowledge that I learnt during our partnership and association. The work was very demanding, but you taught me how to do quality work even under pressure. I just have stopped working in this organization, but it is not goodbye, and I hope to see you in future at our chill sports.

I do not want to end with you and want you to reach me out at my phone number or email. Thanks again for all the time and memories and may you get flourished in future endeavors. I am wishing you all the best my respectable senior.


Finally, the day has come when you are going to be graduated and going to see your parents. They will surely be teared up with dignity after feeling your achievement. We have been together in ABC institute for the past for and we have spent quality time together. I still remember my first day in hostel when I was weeping and you came to console me. It was very pleasurable experience having you as my support system and guider. I had overwhelming emotion during the start of my college, but you made me capable to handle all tough situations.

All that was happening in my surrounding was hard to digest and I was most afraid of being bullied by seniors. This was our first interaction when I bumped into you. I had never ever imagined having this place of affection and warmth for each other. I cannot thank you enough for providing me tremendous guidance and love. I will forever remain grateful to you for this. I want our friendship to continue till my last breath. I wish you best of luck for bright future and may you get all happiness of this world.

Farewell message to senior

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