Farewell Messages for Teachers

How can I imagine sitting in the class without your presence? You are not only a teacher but a good companion who understands the problem of the student. You always resolve our issues in a friendly manner. Whenever I got a problem in a subject, you taught me in such a good way that I easily memorize. You are really a true inspiration and ideal teacher. I wish that you remain in school for more time. I wish you a blessed life and wherever you go you get the achievement. Thank you for being the best teacher.

Without you, it seems the learning atmosphere will be totally changed. I am going to miss each and every moment I spend in your class. History is so boring and I hate the subject, but when you start teaching it, I, in fact, other fellows also took interest in the boring subject. Your way of teaching is so good that we love to study it. Our up graduation in grades of history is just because of you. We will miss you a lot and wish that all your dreams come true and you get an achievement in your Ph.D. thesis. Best of luck and thanks to you for being a wonderful teacher.

The teacher is the person who not only teaches a particular subject but also helps in learning the subject along with the ethics of life. You always imparted knowledge in such a simple way that we easily learn. We just have to read a lecture at home and we learn it in a few minutes. You not only teach about the lecture, but your teaching about the religion as well as about the social life is really an inspiration. Your way of imparting knowledge in a jolly way really keeps the class environment light and we easily catch what you want to deliver. We will miss you dear teacher and appreciate your effort. Thank you for teaching us in such a good way.

I don’t have enough words to express the feelings that how much I will miss you in the science class. Although the subject was difficult your delivering of lecture through experiments and practical work help us to understand the chapters easily and we all learn it quickly. Thank you for being humble whenever we ask questions, you always satisfied us by giving an answer in an excellent manner. Thank you for the excellent teaching service you provided to us. We will miss your lectures, your kind words, and your love. Good luck and wish that you can successfully achieve your goals.

You are the best source of inspiration and motivation my dear teacher. The way of teaching was so good that everything we can easily write in exams. I love that way you teach your pupil and guide them for the problem faced in the subject. We will miss your gestures you make during lectures to keep the class environment light as well as full of fun. Thank you and God helps you.

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